riding SIF

ok well i asked a few peaple about this but there answers weren’t very…informative…so how do i do it!!!

i can a bit but i either start turning right or the unicycle goess crazzy…

ok screw this i can figure it out myself.

Basicaly, to learn SIF you use the search function.

thanks for that…sombody close this thread!!!

It can’t be deleted. That’s why I have had to make this post two times in the past two days for new members. You’re third.

ya i know i hate it when i do this…well ummmm whatt now??

Grammar, Capitalize, and ask questions after you have used the search feature.

This may seem heartless, but it is necessary so people WHO DO USE THE SEARCH FEATURE, don’t have to wade through pointless threads like these.

Gilby should make a series of stickies for stuff like this. It gets tiresome after awhile.

Also, Welcome to the forums!