Riding Shorts (non padded)

I’m looking to pick up a few pairs of shorts for this summer.

I’m not looking for padded shorts really more shorts that dont have seams in the crotch and inner leg that rub. Also with a Cargo style.

I have a pair of Giant Shorts that I picked up in toronto like this that I like, does anyone else have any reccomendations?

I’m also planning on getting some Nema Jewl shorts that are cargo but have padding/chamios

until I got cycling specific shorts, I used to just wear my wifes ‘bike shorts’ from Cotton Ginny under my nomal, very tough macho boy shorts.

They were just a stretchy lycra-type material that fit under anything, worn instead of underwear

Can’t see why you don’t want padded shorts, though. They even come in cargo style with padded lycra style under layer, best of both worlds.


I dont want to get bike shorts soley because I’m going to be wearing them 24-7 for the durration of the summer basically. I’m going to be teaching unicycling at a camp so It basically means Im unicycling in everyday for at least an hour. I dont want to have to change all the time to take off cycling shorts when we go to lunch, and other activities. I also am picking up a pair of cycling shorts or 2 though…


I bought a pair of the Canari Response Integrated Shorts available on unicycle.com (link below). They’re padded, but very comfortable for extended wear, and they’re “baggy on the outside”, so they don’t look like the standard butt-huggin’ lycra shorts most bikers wear. They’re also much easier on your package… I wore them all day both days in Moab, and they were great. See my review for more details.

go to an Army surplus store!

they have lots to choose from.most pants have a rienforced crotch too.just cut the pant into shorts and hem then up,its easy.

Azonic has their new catalist short in cargo. thier last years model was very comfy for me, and have no problems wearing it all day. or some good roach ones might be good.

Check out Roach TV shorts. They ain’t the cheapest you’ll ever find but they are good dood. They’re light weight (so you don’t sweat too much… down there), seamless crotch, pretty tough ta boot.


Re: Riding Shorts (non padded)


I have been wearing a pair of Nema Jewels for 16 months, about 6 hours a week for muni and they have almost no signs of wear. They have protected me on several hip and butt slides. The only possible negative is that the lycra liner does not fit as snuggly and conform as well as a regular bike short, so it does not tend to hold “things” in place as well. I get a little chaffing on long rides without breaks. Regardless, I think they are great and have worn them for 12 hours at a time on occassion.

I am also considering getting some Andiamo Skins . They are unpadded liners and were highly recommended on a MTB forum and I may try them under the Nemas for long rides or under regular shorts for short rides.

Have fun at the camp, sounds great.



That makes sense.

Apparently all day cycling shorts wearing isn’t good. The chamois is way too swampy after a ride…where your undies would dry much faster.

I don’t know exactly how bad it would be…probably more of a comfort thing than a getting eaten by bacteria thing.

That’s awsome Mike. Were you asked to teach unicycling or did you ask?


I just usually wear “sawed off” jeans. I’ve got a few, plus some cut off bibs and some jeans that are cut off into knickers. Cut offs are nice, because you got pockets to carry your keys and beer money in. I’m going to get some army pants and cut them off too. I used to have a bunch of militiary clothes from when I was in the service, but I out-grew them all since then.

cheers… Mojoe

I found that when you cut the mesh out of some bathing suits they make good ryding shorts. Some also have awsome designs that normal bike short can’t even touch.


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Thanks for that link Scott, very fine model for those ‘skin’s’ - he must do a lot of uni trials to be built like that… anyways, I digress…

As for the Andiamo skins, I use the padded version all year round under my more regular looking but still designed for cycling Samari shorts from MEC. Perfect comfortable combo for me.

my three bits worth…


I go to Army/Navy Surplus and buy army issued pants and turn them into cutoffs. They are double stitched, ripstop cotton just like most the the expensive BMX/FreeRide shorts but they only cost $25 for a new pair and less than $15 used…

Rawk Rawk another a-parrot strike…


jagur, shhh, just let it go man :stuck_out_tongue: