Riding seat out HELP

can anyone give me any tips riding seat out
im finding it so hard :frowning:

Try holding the seat with both hands, and pulling the seat up towards while your riding should make it a bit more stable

Ride slow at first. Make a game of it, see how many pedal strokes you can get and keep trying to beat it. It takes a much more precise pedal stroke to ride seat out, think in terms of both legs doing circles but they have to really coordinate with each other to keep the uni up right.

Keep trying and you will get it.

Try riding standing up seat in first. I found that once I could do that it was fairly easy to slowly ease the seat out while standing up.

Yeah, that was the mistake I made on my first attempts. Holding the seat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out in front. Start small, work your way up/out.

Also keep your core engaged. Without the frame for stability you need your abdominals to make up for it.