riding seat in front

how long did you have to practice riding with your seat in front of you before you could do it good.

Umm…I sorta practiced it on and off for maybe 4-5 days, then really worked on it today, and can ride ~30+ feet on a good run SIF.

i am teaching myself to ride, on and off, but do u guys findu have to swing the seat in the opposite direction to which foot is pushing down during that revolution?

the only reason i am learning is so i can seat out hop

How long will you?

i did it my first time trying, turning was a little different, but i got it the first try, and i can ride just as good but my legs get tired out when im going fast lol

Weird cause i also did the suicide mount, and jump mount on my first try lol

Hey mun

Try to ride with ur chest on seat first, then graduate to SIF!
Worx 4 ME!!!:smiley:

Good Luck

I did that way before i did SIF riding, so maybe that helped, also a good exercise would be going from stumach\chest on the seat, then to SIF then to regular, or regular, to SIF to stumach\chest

I’m learning to ride SiF so I can hop SiF aswell!

I don’t think there’s a crazy amount of technique involved, just strength!

I can ride pretty far SiF, basically until I get tired… How far do you need to be able to ride to hop SiF?


i have been working on it a few days and still can’t get it

i just was hopping seat in frount before i rode sif

then i just picked it up as i went along

just some pointers:

  • ride sitting on seat
  • come to a stop with the pedals level
  • stand up, on your toes, and pull out the seat
  • start riding with the seat in front
  • the seat should best be holded with only 1 hand
  • pull the seat up (like you rip it off); that will cause the unicycle to be stable + push yourself to the pedals.
  • for the beginning just hold the seat against the body. Later on you will be able to keep it in front (not touching the body).

thanks for the advice



when I do it, ill just be riding, stand up and pull it out, then hold it up againts my body, now im able to hold it with a fully outstretched arm =p

It really isnt all hard, the hardest part would probably be getting the seat out, and turning, but with a litte practice those become really easy too

Two days if I remember right.
The easiest way to learn it is to hold the seat with only one hand

Top Tip

Keep your legs tensed make sure they are not relaxed


Yep, i forgot to put that lol, it tires your legs out pretty quick when your first learning, but youll get used to it

im going to go and try to keep it closer to my body and my legs more stiff

Goodluck, for me if i crouched down more it worked, and i pretty much was pushing the seat into my body, not hard but it was tucked into me pretty good =p

i gave it a real solemn try just then, and lo and behold, i can ride as far as i want, but it tires the hell out of me
hehe, TIRES!
and that was an accidental pun too,
so if u want to ride seat in front, give it a shot TODAY

(no i am not advertising anything):stuck_out_tongue: