riding routes database

I hadn’t seen this mentioned here yet, but there’s a running routes (works for uni, too!) database based on google maps.

Here’s the link, and here’s a link to Delmar, NY, for some maps I made as an example.

It even measures any point-to-point or trails if you can see them on the satellite view. It then lets you store them, and you can also check for other routes measured in any given area.

cool dude.

Great link…I put a Pittsburgh ride in there…now I have to figure out how to find it and link it here (just in case one of you folks wants an urban ride with nice scenery…and happen to be in Pittsburgh).

You could implement something like this VERY easily in Google Earth, it uses a file format called ‘Geographic XML’ (.KML) to store things like markers, routes and waypoints. So if you could record the unicycle routes (e.g. using a GPS, or an external program like Memory Map), convert them to KML and import them to Google Earth (I’ve been looking into serving a KML file that gets updated, and Google Earth detects the updates and redownloads the file, adding the new data, like a podcast but for Unicycle trails).

There’s only 1 problem with this, and that is the fact that to make routes in Google Earth you need one of the subscription versions, not the free one. (I’m not sure about just viewing or importing routes from KML, if you can do that on the free version or not). I’ll look for conversion software (or write one myself) to convert normal trail GPS data to KML, and see what I can do…


EDIT: It looks like I can use this program: http://www.gpsbabel.org/ to convert ANY track data, even raw GPS feeds, straight to KML files and use them in GE. So if anyone has any GPS tracks, or tracks saved from a mapping program, and wants to send them to me to add to the 1st beta version of a Unicycling TrailCast for Google Earth, then PM me the file, or send it to Richard[dot]Uni[A@t]Gmail[dot]com.

I have a few KML files I’ve done by hand; once you have a template of the header it’s just a cut-and-paste job to whack the coordinates in. I keep meaning to put them on the web but haven’t quite got around to it yet…