Riding one-footed

Im starting to get the hang of riding one-footed, but I still don’t quite have it down. I was wondering if anyone had any tips? :slight_smile:

Assuming you can get your non-pedaling foot on top of the fork, put a lot of your weight on that foot. I also found that while learning, looking down at the tire helped me a lot.

For anyone else reading this thread…has anyone tried one footing on a giraffe? I’m tempted but I think it will be very tough.

Here’s some tips for one foot riding.

I would add that you should work on learning to pedal as smoothly as possible while riding one footed. You shouldn’t need to give a big push on the downstroke if you’re riding on a smooth level surface. Riding one footed uphill is different.

Work the bottom of the pedal stroke as much as possible. Point the toes down at the bottom of the stroke and pull the foot back like you are scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe. That will give you control over more of the pedal stroke and will really help smooth out the pedaling when riding one footed.

k, thnx for the tips! i really appreciate it! :smiley:

There is one tip that I constantly forget:

When moving your foot to the crown, try to do it smoothly. Don’t suddenly transfer all of your weight to the other pedal. Remember, there’s a seat underneath you, and you’re keeping all your weight on the seat :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile: i am starting to get it a little better now, and i think one problem is i have a really cheesey uni that i got a bike store for $85 (with a seat from my brother’s 24" nimbus) and the frame is not square, so its hard for me to get my foot on it…

I have, its not any harder but you cant put your foot on the frame and its alot scarier. I guess its just harder mentally but the same physically (that is if you can 1 foot ride without your foot on the crown.)

im thinking about getting a giraffe unicycle sometime (maybe christmas ill bug my mom into buying me one) and i don’t know if i should get a 5’ or a 6’?

i tried one footing my giraffe only once- and i fell really hard. havent tried it since and never ride it nemore

that sucks, but i wasn’t really thinking of riding one-footed yet (and when i do, ill do it in nice, lush, soft grass) i was merely wondering if i should start with a shorter giraffe then go up from there. any suggestions? :thinking:

The shorter giraffe will be easier to mount and that will make it a lot more fun.

My main advice for a giraffe is don’t get one if you have to forgo getting a more practical and useful standard unicycle (like a 29er, muni, trials, freestyle, or Coker). Giraffes are not practical unless you are a performer. Most giraffes get bought because people just want to try riding one. Once they’ve ridden it they lose interest in it and it tends to sit in the garage unused for long periods of time. The best way to try a giraffe is to go to a unicycle club that has one you can borrow or a convention where there will be giraffes that you can try. That way you can try it and get that experience out of your system. If you’re positive that you still want one after that then buy one.

well, i wont be going to a unicycle convention for a while…

… where i live, unicycling is NOT!!! Unless Tucson has a unicycling club

There is one club that I know of in Arizona, but it’s in Scottsdale.
ARIZUNI The Arizona Unicycle Club
They may be able to get you in touch with other riders in Arizona and maybe someone else in Tucson.

If you do decide to buy a giraffe, get the 6 footer, i have tried both and that one foot really makes a difference in awesomeness (sure its a word).

In deciding what sort of giraffe to purchase, (if you do decide to get one) there are several factors to be considered. If you want to do a lot of freestyling on your giraffe, a shorter one is probably better, as it will be a lot easier to freemount, and the falls won’t be as hard. A shorter giraffe will be easier for cool tricks like the rolling mount, as well. If you just want to ride it around and impress people, taller is probably better, but keep in mind that if you can’t freemount it easily, you won’t be using it a lot.

I don’t think one-footing on a giraffe is too terribly hard, but it’s a little scary at first. It seems very slow compared to one-footing on my regular freestyle uni. When I do one-footed riding on my giraffe, I usually place my foot fairly tight against the seatpost. This feels a lot more stable. I’ve even gone backward one-footed a ways, but that’s really scary.

I learnt to 1ft ride downhill, I found that a hell of a lot easier. I was incabable of getting more than 4 revs before I tried it on a slight downslope. Once you’ve got the feeling of correctional distance 1ft riding, it becomes much easier on flat ground.