riding one footed

I have been trying to ride one footed. What have others done to learn
this skill?

I can idle one footed (both feet) and have tried to start there but I always
lose control when the peddle comes over the top.

I have tried taking the pressure off of one peddle while going forward - don’t
seem to be getting anywhere with that method either.

Any tips? Maybe I just need encouragement that it can be done. This is the last
skill I need to finish level 4.

PS How do you ride with the seat on the side? (level 5)

– Dirk Iwema Cincinnati, Ohio USA Internet: iwema_dirk@ae.ge.com

what i did was learn to hover (with two feet first) and then i went on to learn to hover with one foot…i then took that to my driveway which is at a medium slope and when the pedal with my foot on it was infront i just put all my weight on that and my forward momentum kept me going…until i got to the bottom of the driveway…then i just took it to the top and did it again. After i had it down i took it to a flat road and it took me about five minutes to get the hang of it and i was riding on one foot within a day

i just took one foot off whlie riding and after ~2 hours or so i could do 5+ revolutions. it’ll take 30-45 mins to get the feeling that you’re finally learning it. then its just a matter of practice. if you can circle pedal on a bike that’ll help.

I can’t do it myself yet, but a few people have suggested to me that it helps to ride with as little pressure on one foot as possible. Then start lifting the foot off at the top of each stroke. Then eventually not have the foot on at all. This means you have your foot near (or still touching) the pedal at first so you can easily correct a fall.

I learned by going really fast, and then pulling my foot off at the top of a rotation and putting it on my frame. It took me a while to learn, but now I find it very easy.

You must be young and willing to fall repeatedly.

I am working on one-footed riding and it is going really slow because I don’t want to be throwing myself on the ground. One-footed will happen though. I am still working on it.

Most did practise before they could do it.

Just ride very solid, and try to make 1 revolution with the other leg raised. Just 1 is enough. When you can do that you can try 2, 3, etc.

I hope you all realize that the original post in this thread was made over ten years ago.

Wow! Good observation. Wonder if Dirk ever got this one?

I wonder what the guy is doing now? Does he still unicycle? Did he ever learn to ride one footed? Will I ever know the answer to these questions?


He probably gave up unicycling because nobody replied to his question. Maybe nobody could one-foot ride back in those days.

they had internet back then? :roll_eyes:

it seemed like no one could/was allowed to jump up curbs because the tires werent fat enough…i was rather bored and soi decided to go to tghe first threads and they all talk about the “thump” of the rim when you jump

when i ride one footed after about my 10th rotation i get catapulted offf the unicycle and it HURTS hurts like crazy

I had lots of trouble at first. I think being rather comfortable with 1 ft idling helped. But my 20" with those little cranks bested me. Then I tried it on my 24" MUni with 170 cranks. I think the increased control of the longer cranks helped. It was certainly strange making a larger rev with those big cranks, but it worked. Then back to the 20" with success. With crosstraining, remember that each wheel diameter suggests a different optimum speed for the machine. A 20 could best go 3 mph and a 24 could best go 4 mph.