Riding on the treadmil

I just finished trying to ride (and glide) on the treadmil and its really hard, but fun :smiley:

I had a video but i deleted it because nobody would want to watch it :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys should try it, it’s a real challange and made me sweat alot too :sunglasses:

Sounds a bit hard and kinda dangerous… Hmmmm I want to see the video

never heard of teh video…i wanna c it

=( I guess if i get more time I’ll film it again :smiley:
Its not too hard, but the gliding is hard (i can only do it for a few seconds :smiley: )

do you have to hop or is it just like riding on normal land???

Haha you beat me to it i was going to do that in my next vid. Maybe I’ll try it on my 36er…if there’s room lol!

I’ve done this on two wheels before but that’s obviously much easier. i can’t imagine trying it with a uni.

Lol, I wanna see that :smiley:

Riding on the treadmil really isnt that hard, Its a little harder to control… But i got up to about 7mph :smiley:

I always wanted to do that. But I think they wouldn’t let me into the fitness with my uni.

Never know unless you try. I once tried on my DX and the looks on peoples faces was hilarious. :smiley: