Riding on the beach?

I’m going to be at the beach next week (Florida Gulf Coast) and trying to decide if I should take a Muni or a uni. Is it any fun to ride on the beach with a 3" muni tire, of is the sand just too soft? Also, I don’t want to subject my Muni to major corrosion. Since the bearings are sealed, I’m guessing a quick fresh water rinse after a beach ride should take care of the salt issues. Anybody know?

I have ridden on the beach in Swansea & Aberavon (Wales UK) regularly for the past 2 years.

Soft sand is pretty difficult but firm sand is easy & fun.

I often ride in the water as it comes up the beach - haven’t got wet yet - but it’s only a matter of time!

A quick hose off with fresh water and my Nimbus Muni shows no sign of rust.

Do it & have fun.



It’s like unicycling on a cloud. It is about as smooth and quiet a ride you can get.