Riding on Ice!

Maybe I am a sasquatch from Saskatchewan…

And in other news I am back, it is cold and I love it!

Here is a tutorial I wrote since last time I replied to this thread, now everyone go stud your tires and get back outside.

and merry Christmas.

i took my coker out on the ice in oregon (amazing we got ice i know) and it did really well. i only have a ribbed tire but didn’t slip at all. i almost cause an accident cause people were looking at me instead of riding and couldn’t stop cause of the ice. stupid people. :stuck_out_tongue:

who in portland do you know?

I’ve been riding out in the snow on my 36’er with TA tire and it rides really well with no chains or studs in the tire but corners and stopping/slowing on downhills causes quite a bit of slipping. Freemounting is hit or miss but can be done. Nasty UPD’s can result from large mounds of lumpy snow.

I’ve been doing skinnies on snow wet surfaces today, it was good fun with some spectacular bails. A helmet is highly recommended.

Then later on I was riding on ice, it was fine until I tried to stop abruptly and slide around for a bit. The unicycle slipped out immediately and I flopped straight on my back. But it was good.

I need to fix my rim ASAP so I can ride again.

THe past 2 days I hit “black ice” on the road and the Coker slipped out sideways so fast, my hips hit the ground and I was sliding before I knew I was down.

It’s a drag.

I’ve been riding in snow for 35 years and never recall this happening.

I’m wondering if my reflexes are getting old or what.

I know lots of people in Portland. Dozens and dozens. If I were to really scrape the bottom of the barrel, probably one or two hundred people. Plus a few dogs. And cats. I used to know some rats who lived there too. How many of them should I list? :wink:
You are probably most interested in the owner of the unicycle with the cable wrapped around the wheel. That’s Ben. He lives in a real house made of wood that is not behind a Taco Bell. His house is in South East Portland not far from Hawthorne. I’ll leave it to him to divulge any more identifying details. If it weren’t for him I never would have learned to build igloos like the ceiling of one that you can see in my avatar. We’re going to build some more together in a couple weeks.


cool, so he’s on the forums? I live in SW Portland about a mile and a half from the Oregon zoo, in a real house, not behind taco bell, a kind family decided to take me in for the winter. :wink:

Well I saw the pics of the leaf covered test ride and started to think… instead of camo, perhaps a bit of modding could result in a leaf-picker-upper unicycle apparatus. Just a thought :stuck_out_tongue:

Not yet. That’s why I posted for him. Maybe if he realizes what a celebrity he has become because of his ingenious wheel cable, he’ll join the forums. Maybe he’ll continue to use me as his proxy and live out his years in happiness and obscurity.



That’s not fun… I’m not a big fan of black ice. My car insurance went up $700 a result of that stuff. I think I’ve only seen true black ice once in my life. Many people seem to call any ice that makes them slip “black ice.”