riding on a slant...sideways

I’m feeling like this may be a dumb question, but I’m really curious how you all handle this. Where I live many of the sidewalks are poured on a slight incline toward the street to control rain run-off (I assume). If one sits perpendicular to the riding surface you fall off, so to counter-balance you have to lean in the opposite direction keeping hips in the normal position. Over a longer period of time this is uncomfortable.

The other option is to keep the body upright and lean the unicycle slightly in the opposite direction. In this scenario you have tilted uni and straight body.

I’m getting too used to the nice flat basement floor where I don’t have to deal with these kinds of things :astonished:

Go with the flow :slight_smile: There is a town home neighborhood next to mine with sidewalks like you describe, plus they “dip”. I just zip over and enjoy the ride up and down on the angle. If it is icy I may just take the road instead. Go with what feels right but I think I lean :slight_smile:

I find that on a road I always ride on. Now I walk leaning to the left! :slight_smile: Actually I try to reseat my self so the uni leans and I am straight. It is easier on the back in the long run. Hope that helps.

That really sucks, but if you practice riding both directions on the sidewalk, that may help you develop the muscles…on both sides of your body…associated with fighting the slant.

Another thing you could try: practice riding circles in the direction associated with the up-hill camber. This might help you engage your hips more in the balance, and it might help you lean the frame slightly in the uphill direction, which is easier, I think, than twisting your torso or flailing your arms…as a method to keep riding straight on the cambered surface.

There are no sidewalks on my street, and the curbs are actually slanted troughs for collecting rain water. I should practice, more, riding on those slanted surfaces. Currently it takes a moderate effort to stay riding straight. If I can ride on them without struggle, I think maybe then I will have learned something about dealing with camber.

What kind of tyre do you use on what size rim? Some such as the Maxxis Hookworm can have hideous camber thrust.

Camber sucks and there isn’t really an amazing way to fix it. i would say though, if you’re riding on a street with sidewalks it’s probably not too busy to ride on the road.

This is always making problems for unicycles, so it is not a dumb question. Try changing the pressure in your tire or changing the tire if you have such possibility. This may help a bit, but don’t expect the miracle.
And if you are tired of riding one leg down, switch the side of the street often :slight_smile: