Riding inthe Mud!

Well winter rains have finally hit Israel and our weekly MUni ride was in mud.

Now the mud in Isreal is clay like in consistency and sticks to everything. As it gets fry it gets even stickier and hardens into an almost indestuctable substance!

The only place where Steven and I were able to ride easily was on the singles through the pine forests. The pine needles shielded us from the mud. In addition boulders become “ice like” in slipperyness when your tire is covered in mud.

We had to stop and clean off our tires every few hundres yards because the mud would act like a brake!

Mud riding is really challenging and it makes you appreciate dry riding!


Mud4 (600 x 480).jpg

That looks like fun actually, i ride in my backyard when its wet and when i’m done i get more mud on my tyre which ends up looking like something that i got from the tip. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is Hard but Fun!

Well actually the mud is quite soft! It is a lot of fun though! We laughed at each other quite a bit on some of the falls! I think that mud riding really improve your overall riding level.


I think so too cause it improves your balance and concentration depending on leveling and angle of the ground.

Mud? You call that little bit of dirt stuck to your tyre mud? This is a muddy unicycle, mine, after completing a lap at this years Mountain Mayhem. I have to admit I wasn’t riding this by the end of the lap but pushing. I think my uni weighed about 3 times its normal weight at this point.

Nice one, Ian. Goes with your sig.

That kind of mud is nasty. I’m lucky that the local mud here is the wet kind that doesn’t stick to the tire. Some local areas have a mud with clay and that kind gets slippery, but still isn’t so nasty as to stick to the tire and build up like that.

We may have a reputation for having a lot of rain here in the Pacific Northwest (Washington state). But at least we can have fun in the wet without our tires getting caked in slippy sticky clay mud.

Seeing those pics make me want to start Muniing :roll_eyes:

Hehe mention to spoge just how much he likes ridding down muddy hills coated with leaves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Washington get wet, but its fun to get wet.

When in Moab, and driving out of the wash, our van slid off into the side of the road. I was wearing cons, and both shoes had about a 1-inch gash on the side. When me, and a few others were out there pushing the van back up onto the road. From me trying to walk and push the van, and the mud being so sticky, it was enough force to actually rip the fabric from the shoes.

Had to go buy shoes that night, and im still wearing those ones. lol

That mud is crazy. I still have those cons, and after all the washing, the mud is still on there. I even had some of that red powder on my Torker.

Some of best riding around Melbourne is done in the mud. The wet clay provides good opportunities for skids and drifting. Shame we are in a drought at the mo’, we only get a few days of decent rain each year.

Shame you don’t get snow. Snow riding sounds a lot like your mud riding except snow is better and isn’t muddy.

Unless its that mooshy snow. :stuck_out_tongue:

yummy… looks fun…

I had a pretty muddy ride yesterday as well - well, partly deep mud and partly wet rotting leaves on rock. All adds to the interest.

I find the best technique for slippery mud is to force myself to release the grip on the saddle handle and use both arms for balance, then just go with the flow and try to stay over the wheel - sort of like doing a semi-stillstand or riding a long skinny that you can’t see. Very energy-sapping though if it’s in the middle of a long ride.

Oh, and Ian - glad you posted that MM pic. I was thinking exactly the same thing (“that’s not mud - THIS is mud!”) but didn’t have any of my pics with me.

Different kinds of Mud


We are talking about very different kinds of mud. Yours is slipery nasty wet and it covers everything kind of like paint, It is quite liquidy. The mud on my MUni is like clay. It was to thick in consistancy to allow for the tire knobs to protrude. Look at how it holds onto all the rocks and gravel. It would just build up in balls. (Too bad Steven wasn’t into getting into a dirtball fight!) I UPDed a few times because rocks got lodged between my tire and the frame in the mud. Keep in mind that I rarely UPD at the Ben Shemen Woods. I was breaking in Steven on the easier trails and I was UPding! My Muni also gained quite a bit of wieght! Notice how on my MUni (The one on the left) there is less mud actually on the tire but more on the crown of the frame and splatered on to the back of the frame. Where with Steven’s MUni there is much more mud on the tire and none on the frame. This is because I ride much faster than Steven and the mud actually gets slung!

Well later on in the day I went and did some trials riding in a nearby city.
At least I was on pavements and the KH20 stayed light!

Mud is tons of fun though! Tomorrow should be perfect for our midweek ride.


Believe me, that mud in Ian’s picture is not like liquid paint. It was very sticky and built the wheels up into huge rollers that jammed between the frame legs. The reason there’s no gravel stuck in it is because there was no gravel on the course - just lots of grass and bracken to reinforce the muddy composite even more.


I remember seeing a pic just like that from what I tink was last year’s MM.

I remember reading that several drivetrains, brake systems, and even at least one frame of the b*kes broke, all from the mud. Yet one of the guys (I don’t remember who) was still riding it, even at night, w/ only a few UPDs, even at night.

Oh, I love the mud, yet hardpack snow is so much more fun, especially crazy steep declines!