Riding in wind

I’m hopeless at riding in a cross-wind, and with the weather we’re getting at the moment it’s becoming a real pain in the arse…

If there is a strongish wind blowing across my path, my natural reaction is to lean into it, like I would on a bike. But that usually just makes me swivel into the wind like a weather cock. I’ve tried angling my body in various ways, but that doesn’t seem to help. In an open space I can “tack” like a boat to avoid being side-on to the wind too much, but that’s no good on a narrow path or on the road.

Has anybody got any cunning plans for dealing with crosswinds or do I just need to get used to it?

I get the same problem.As far as i know,youcan just deal with it.

Never noticed… Just lean :wink:

Same here… there were some mighty winds blowing through Truckee for the Mountain Unicycle Weekend, especially for the Rim Trail ride. It didn’t bother me too much, though.

I suspect if you get good at riding skinnies (esp. poles and trees) you won’t have any problems in the wind. Skinnies teach you to balance yourself quickly while riding in a straight line, just the skill you need to ride through winds.

Short answer: get used to it.

Thanks for the replies. I thought it would just be a case of getting used to it, but just wondered if there was any “known” way of tacking it. It just seems so natural to me on a bike, but I suppose my relative lack of unicycle experience means I’m struggling. Funnily enough I rode some of the way to work this morning (probably did about 3 miles, mostly on grass, some road) and didn’t have much of a problem, but it was a lot less windy today than it has been.

Thanks anyway - I’ll just stick at it until hopefully it feels as normal as the bike.


I’ve been riding to work in the high wind this week too, I think I turn my body slightly into the wind to counteract the wind forces. I think maybe you need to lean yourself slightly, but only the upper body, not the unicycle.

It’s particularly hard where I cross a bridge over the M1, as that has a great big wind tunnel effect and hits you very suddenly if you’re not expecting it.


What I think now,after me lugging a bunch of timber aruond on my uni,is that if you carry big&bulky things or big and heavy things around,while riding,would help.

Hello Rob, I’m a beginner and wind just makes uni riding feel like flying, really cool and is not a problem. Where I have problem is riding on grass (lawn). I’ve been trying to get around my house, and just seem to lose momentum about half way. How do you do that?

I’m thinking a 28" wheel is too large for a lawn?

Hmmm - perhaps it’s just me then.

I learned on grass, because I’m a coward and didn’t want to fall on the tarmac :roll_eyes: I found a pretty flat bit of grassed ground and it wasn’t too bad, but the first time I rode on tarmac it seemed amazingly easy.

As for the wheel size, a big wheel should roll more easily on softer/rougher ground, but because of the higher gear it likes to go faster and is more likely to stall at low speed. I’ve recently bought a 26" Nimbus and it feels much smoother than the 20" and less likely to get bogged down on soft or bumpy stuff, but it feels much more cumbersome when trying to negotiate tight narrow turns at low speed.

I went out in the wind this weekend to try to sort out my wind problem :astonished: I probably rode about ten miles or so on a very exposed track, and tried all sorts of things to combat the wind. What I found was that sitting VERY upright (felt like I was almost leaning backwards) seems to help - I suppose it keeps bits of body that are going to be blown by the wind closer to the rotating axis, so less weathercock effect. It feels very unnatural to me as a cyclist, but does seem to work on the unicycle.


I rided a 20" wheel and cross winds don’t seem to bother me. I would not try to lean into the wind because, as you said, it will cause you to swivel. Insteaded practic riding normal in the cross wind.

I remember once, I was just moseying down the street and a giant dustdevil blew straight into me, against the way I was riding. I, litterally, rode(leaning at like a 20° angle) untill I was blown of backward flat onto my tookus. My eyes and skin were rattled with flecks of dirt that felt like needles, and that blinded me. I grabbed my uni and ran. My hair was full of dirt and rocks. I took a shower and the water was brown. So basically if you live in a dry area and there is wind a blowin, avoid. But if its wet then sweet it’ll be like riding through a waterfall. This is a dust devil, Basically its a small (tiny) tornado about 150’ tall, I have seen them blow lwan umbrellas and trampolines 50’ into the air. I am lucky i am not made of a sail like shape.


i think the last time i rode in extreme wind was probably at CMW during a section of the tahoe rim trail. the wind was rippin, and there was a nice 10-20 foot drop to the right of me. kinda freaky! just be careful in really strong winds.
or you will die!!!

Ok-la-homa where the wind comes sweeping down the plains… The secret here seems to be never forget which direction the gusts are coming from so it doesn’t catch you off guard. Other than that enjoy the added challenge…

OMG … M1 , I remember that highway …

I was in the UK on business a few years ago, and witnessed the tarped semi trucks you folks got there blow over from the wind near Manchester. BTW, driving there is crazy … !
(you leftsiders! :smiley: j/k )

You have much more courteous drivers there too

Anyone got a pic of a Uni at Stonehenge …? :slight_smile:

Being an Oklahoman also, I ride in some heavy winds and am a recovering windsurfing addict. Although most gusts seem to trail off and are short lived, keep in mind that just as fast as a gust can cause you to adjust and lean, it can disappear leaving you with nothing to lean on.

Thats interesting. Why exactly were you lugging timber on a uni.

Sorry that didnt contribute to the cause of this thread. Whenever its windy in San Diego (which isnt often), it’s time for Kite Surfing.

for my trials thingy.:smiley:

at first,the big planks i had were hard to carry,it was also like riding in the wind,but after a while,it got esier.