riding in ths rain

I ride a 07 KH 20 It is raining outside and is forcasted to be for the next few days and I realy want to go out riding, I know it is aluminium and has sealed berrings, will it cause damage if I ride it in the rain, if so how much and can I protect it against it? any advice or suggestions will be great.

Shouldn’t be a problem, I’d maybe pull apart and rebuild the pedals if the uni got immersed in water, I have a KH 05 that’s been ridden in all weathers for a couple of years with no problems whatsoever.

Just make sure that when you go inside you thoroughly wipe it down with a dish towel so that nothing rusts.

ok thats great thanks, in that case I am going out riding now :smiley:

Yea don’t worry about it too much. As long as you wipe it down after. Think of it as a cleaning of the uni.

you’ll only need to do that to the non aluminium parts

yeah i want to go out and ride with all this rain too. But well wet tyre + wet surface equals pain usually… so i think i’ll wait for saturday which is supposed to be clear.

was the fallen tree wet?

no that one was dry, it was just the like knot that made me fall. THat and amanda. LOL

nothing to do with riding in the rain but I didnt want to make another thread, A friend who rides trials bikes said the reason that they drill rims is not to save weight but to reduce the risk of snake bites, I cant remember the reason he said because he didnt remember what he was told but I think he said something about it help equalise pressure. I thought this sounded wrong and still believe the reason its done is to reduce weight, can someone clarafy?

lol I have just realised what you ment by that :smiley:

Its funny how the smallest obstical can make you fall off on a uni when your not paying attention :smiley: - happens to me too often :o

ahaha well u were the one saying i was “camera conscious” and who was holding the camera? you… :smiley: hence you made me fall.

I blame the person distracting you, hence you weren’t paying attention to the knot that made you fall.

so does anyone know the correct reason/reasons for drilling rims?

Il take that as a no then

I ride bike trials and i think that it may equalise pressure as the holes provide somewhere for the inner tube to go into when high pressures are reached, but i always thort it was weight loss… wow… thats a really amazing fact… that they might do it to avoid snakebites… but to be honest on all the trials forums ive been on ive never heard that before.

Drilling rims only works with the outer wall of double-skinned rims, surely? If the tube could bulge out through drilled holes it would puncture more easily on the edges of the holes and would actually make snakebites more common as the air would bulge out of the holes instead of stopping the tyre hitting the rim in the first place.

My money is still on weight reduction.

that is exactly what I was thinking (which is why I was asking) if you have your tyre realy hard you wont get a snakebite but if you lower it so it bottom out you run the risk of your tube being pinched, if your tube is allowed to bulge lowering the pressure inside your tube even more (although I dont think it will lower the pressure much atall) I think it will make it more likly to snake bite.

it was a friend who rides trials bikes which may exsplain it if its wrong but he did hear it from one of the riders from the national bike trials

when they drill rims they drill through both walls of the rim then put a tough rim tape around it so that the tube dosnt bulge right out

I cant believe that no one knows the real reason, some one obviously must…