Riding in the snow?

I couldn’t imagine that this could hurt your uni. We got our first snow of the year and this is the first time I’ve had a chance to ride in the snow, so of course there was quite a bit of snow packed on to my uni. Is there a chance that some water might get where water shouldn’t be?

Yeah snow has a way of getting water into every part of your uni, but the bigger factor might just be the cold. If you keep your uni inside, the condensation that forms when you bring it in from the cold will cover every metal part with a thin film of water… The spots that tend to be troublesome are where your cranks and hub interface, and your bearings. Keep these greased up as well as any other part that might rust and you should be good.

I’ve never had trouble.
I keep my unis outside in the snow all the time.
Riding’s cool too.

i went for a snowy ride today…in fact it was a full on blizzard when i was riding
it was humbling to say the least.
i was coming down this steep ridge and crashed and just slid down the hill and wouldn’t stop

Snow riding can be fun!

I think the biggest problem would be salt that is often put on roads and around town by store owners and such.

The salt will dry out your tire and accelerate rust on any steel parts it may get on. I’d wipe it down and bring it inside (or garage). I’ve heard of people spraying their uni w/ a thin coat of W-D 40 to protect from rust.