Riding in the snow at Falls Creek Australia

Falls Creek Snow Ride
This might be normal for the Northern Hemisphere riders but a novelty for Australians.
Muni riding at Falls Creek this winter, 30th and 31st July 2011.

Mal from Unicycle.com Australia is organising another Muni weekend, this time it will be held in the snow on Saturday and either the snow on Sunday or in the Mountains around Mt Beauty depending on the rider’s evaluation of the Saturday riding. Bring your own Muni, but we will also have the new Nimbus Oregon on hand for riders to test ride plus Mal’s Surly with a Large Marge tyre. The wide tyre and disc brake on the Oregon should be in their element in the snow.

Mal has been living in the Mountains at Mt Beauty/Falls Creek for years and knows the area well, so he can guide and organise some rides on both Saturday and Sunday depending on the weather. On Sunday there can be downhill rides to suit riders ambitions if Falls Creek is too cold or unsuitable.
Mt Beauty has a national MTB downhill course.

If you are not a member of the Australian Unicycle Society you will need to join for insurance purposes. See <a href="www.unicycling.org.au">www.unicycling.org.au</a> for details. 
Meet on Saturday morning at about 7.30 at the Mt Beauty bakery before travelling up to Falls The weekend will be based at Mt Beauty which is 30ks from Falls Creek.
Depending on numbers, there is limited camping at Mal's place or check out the Tawonga or Mt Beauty Caravan parks

Falls Creek has an entry fee of $35.00 per car and you must carry chains. These can be hired at Mt Beauty/Tawonga

If all else fails and we cannot ride unis in the snow, you can hire XC skiis and go skiing. Mal can give free tuition

The Nordic shelter at Windy Corner has hot food and drinks but it is cheaper to bring your own
There is a 1.5k walk or ride up from the shelter/car park to the Nordic area. This can be on a sealed Rd or snow

The weather can vary a lot, from freezing and windy to reasonably warm (for winter) but you will definitely need gloves, parkas etc.

This weekend will depend on the weather, Australia rarely has dry snow, it freezes late arvo to early morning and is usually wet during the day. It can be foggy and also rain.

Still keen!

RSVP: Mal via email info@udca.com.au or phone 1800 864 292

well it is freezing here with lots of bad weather; great

There will be lots of snow after the latest weather event today and the rest of the week. Think of Australia as surf and outback; there is more:)