Riding In The Sea - Don't Do It!

So, I’ve just been on holiday to India and decided to take my unicycle for a laugh. It made it there and back in the suitcase in one piece (I dismantled it and padded it well as per instructions somewhere on this forum) and the locals thought it was wonderful, but it didn’t survive a trip into the sea so well!

So just as a warning to everyone from my own experience, if you’re going to ride your uni on the beach and feel the sea calling - don’t listen!

Or at the least be prepared to shower it all off thoroughly afterwards (thankfully I did so it escaped the dreaded rust), and you’ll need to re-grease your pedal bearings and REPLACE your main bearings afterwards too! :smiley:

It was awesome fun though and was on the last day of the trip so no regrets. Expect a video soon…

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Haha, glad you had some fun!

I was down at the beach on new years eve and was riding along the hard sand on my new nimbus and happened to drop it in the ocean. I washed it all off but the bolts in the seat and a tiny bit of the spokes have started to rust. Shower your uni’s people! :wink:

Yes, I got a few small spots of very light surface rust, on the seatclamp bolts and the seat post. Definitely a good idea to thoroughly dismantle and clean everything!

I don’t like those big mirrors on your unicycle. Lol!!!

salt water is super hard on bearing and pedals, watch out between hub body and alxe