riding in the rain

I was riding for an hour in moderate rain today and did not notice much difference. I was on a nimbus 29 in. with a schwalbe street tire. I rode around the neighborhood and went thru standing water constantly. Boy was that refreshing and fun… I rode in alleys and backstreets to avoid traffic. No problems going up hills either. Anyone else have bad experiences in the rain?

Mike A.

The criterium at Ride the Lobster was run in a thunderstorm with torrential downpour. I’ve MUnied when there’s practically a river flowing down the middle of the trail. We have way more traction than bikes, the only thing to worry about in the rain is having enough appropriate clothing to keep warm.

How about the seat? What are you doing when it is total wet? Especially KH fusion freeride seat. :thinking:

Hey Mike, no problems in the rain here either. I kind of think it is sort of fun. We are experiencing severe thunder storms here today, I happened to be out riding (I knew they were coming but wanted to ride nonetheless). It was cool the thunder was all around, everything/everyone was in sort of fast hurring mode and scattering. Similarily to last time I rode in the rain I ended up soaked, the water pouring of the front of my visor, but it was cool.
Home now and will remove soaked clothes soon. :slight_smile:

Riding road or Muni in rain is always soo much fun! Muni is cooler though. I’ve ridden alot in the rain, it’s always super fun. I always end up riding alone of rainy days though, my friend doesn’t like riding in the rain, I think it’s awesome :smiley:

I really enjoy riding my 36 in the rain. I avoid using my 20" as it has plastic pedals and my feet have slipped several times.

I just got my first muni about 10 days ago. Work has limited my plans for extended rides to only being able to do it on Saturday mornings. Over the past few months it’s rained twice in our drought stricken area. Both on the two Saturday mornings since I got my muni.

Absolutely hate the idea of being stuck at work for another week waiting for another chance at a long muni ride, so I didn’t let the rain stop me. Got soaked both times, but it was fun. Also, the rain kept the ridiculous 95+ degree temperatures down.

I plan on another trip this upcoming Saturday. Sure to be a quiet week rain wise, and sure to rain yet again on Saturday. At this point I think me riding on a muni must be some obscure, lost art that is the modern day equivalent of a rain dance.

This last time I tried to keep dismounts down to an absolute minimum, but the seat got soaked anyway. At least it’s not 100% crotch sweat this time…

Rain riding sounds awesome, less people out and there is something that just happens special in nature when it rains. Anyways what pre/post ride maintenance is necessary to keep everything rust/mud/street dirt free?

One caveat about rain-muni. Check with local trail-maintenance organizations to make sure the trails where you ride aren’t susceptible to erosion in wet conditions. If the local mtn bikers stay off the trails during rain and wet conditions, we should, too.

Otherwise, rain or shine, have at it!

^^Don’t know if it’s the correct thing to do or not, but after my trips I just hosed everything down, towel dried, and targeted a few areas with WD40.

Yes, I’m sure a good hose down is the best 1st thing to do, however I have heard mixed things when it come to WD40. I hear it actually can attract and accumulate dust and dirt. WD 40 is known to break free already rusted areas but I think a good bearing lube would be something to look into. I believe there are lubes that keeps parts moving freely while repelling dirt/dust. Any suggestions would probably be helpful to this thread. :slight_smile:

Riding in rain was one of the reasons I went to clipless pedals. My feet don’t slip on wet pedals.

I have the pedals that have metal studs on the front and back. Great for gripping but not much fun freemounting if you miss the pedal. :frowning:

Very true. I have stock pedals that came with my Coker. I put the metal studs in them for extra traction. I only missed the pedal on a free mount once in thousands of mounts, but when I did it did not end well. Those metal studs went straight into the back of my ankle, stayed in my leg almost to the knee (I have the scars to prove it) and then I fell onto my back and got some pretty nasty bruises.

As for riding in the rain, I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. There’s something about being alone out there with only your uni and the humble beauty of nature. I wouldn’t do it with plastic pedals, but my Coker pedals are great if it’s a bit wet.

I always wear my KH leg armor when riding with metal pinned pedals. My shins and calves have been saved many times.