riding in the rain?

Do others do this? My area is raining WAAAAY too much this spring/summer. I’m so annoyed. I have metal MG-1 pedals now so I could ride I think. Was thinking of trying to get/make a rain suit. Good idea? Or what CAN I do on these non stop rainy days. The trails here are such mud now, it makes me mad lol. :astonished:

Take it from someone who learned the hard way, if you don’t have lots of experience in the saddle, ride in the rain… but stay off slippery wooden wet algae covered boardwalks. :astonished:

My area is swamped every other week. I just ride trials when it rains, then when it is dry I MUni all day!

I know all about that. I rode on my mtb after the rain, turned on the bridge and slid down it lol. :o I’m riding the street still now on uni. But for riding in the rain, how do others make it more bearable? I still have credit at the outdoor store and was told the other store had rain suits in my size. So wondering if I should get the pants at least as being wet isnt so fun. I just have the energy of an 8 year old still so gotta figure out something on all these rainy days. No covered garages that I can legally ride in. :frowning:

MUni in the rain is just great - peaceful and a challenge. Just grab a rain shell and get out there, the rest of you gets wet. Easy as that :slight_smile:

Don’t try to do a rolling hop with an umbrella in one hand spontaneously (practice first!). Fortunately my umbrella only cost ~ $6.4.

Where are the guys from Wales? This thread is just made for them. They’re going to be saying things like, “You can ride when it’s dry?” :wink:


Serendipity: it is p***ing down outside my window at the moment, and I am half planning to go for a ride.

Sweat makes uniing a damp activity anyway. Wear a waterproof cycling top to keep the wind chill down, and just make sure you don’t get too cold. I wouldn’t wear waterproof leggings because of the noise.

I dont like much getting wet and cold which is why I’m considering rain pants. I will look at them. The metal pedals make a HUGE difference I notice in slipping. Its cool that I found something that is OK to do in the rain as I’m sick of not doing stuff.

I ride in the rain (I’m from Wales). I like it cos the cycle paths are quieter. I find with the licra cycle shorts getting wet isn’t really a problem and I wear a good rainproof jacket. Also I don’t wear my glasses as I can’t seen in the rain with them on. Last time it started raining mid ride and I put them in my pocket thinking they’d be ok. Unfortunately that was also the last time that I had a bad fall and the glasses got squashed and bent. Oops.

I sweat so much when I ride that I would probably end up just as wet with or without rain gear. I would probably be most concerned about being warm enough and not really worry about getting wet. Of course I have only had the opportunity to ride in a couple of sprinkles that hardly wet the ground since March, when I began riding a unicycle at all.

I’ve ridden in light rain a couple times. I actually found my wheel turned more easily (I was on a sidewalk). I’d say get a good rain coat and go for it.

I used to commute to work almost every day, rain or shine. As has been mentioned already, getting warm and sweating a lot tends to cancel out any negative effect from getting wet from the rain. The potential to get cold at the end of a ride could be bad, but luckily there were warm showers at each end.

The rainy days were actually pretty dangerous to ride in. Ignorant pedestrians tend to hold umbrellas at eye level to 29" unicycle riders!


Just went out for a ride in the rain - and it stopped.

Did 25 km “in one” - mount, ride, return, dismount, with no UPDs. That’s not my furthest “in one” ever, but the furthest for a long time.

Strangely, although there were people out cycling, jogging, etc., not a single “Where’s your other wheel?” Perhaps the rain keeps the cretins indoors.

Sorry, would have replied sooner, but just got back from a ten mile ride.
Needless to say I got caught in the biggest downpour in the history of rain.


It rains quite a bit in my area too. I usually wait until it stops before I leave for a longer ride. But sometimes it can be really beautiful (m)unicycling in the rain. Unless it’s really poring badly of course. And the mud can actually make things pretty exciting too.


Just wanted to add too, generally only rains here in the colder months. For rides on those wet days - 5-10 degrees celcius - I wear a thermal long sleeve layer, a light shirt and a rain shell, with knicks and shorts. That’s usually enough to keep warm for a few hours in the rain. If anything gets cold it’s usually my feet, once the shoes get soaked.

Are knicks just normal pants? I got a shell now. I had a credit and was going to get a light, but its easier for me to ride in a parking lot at night then this rain. So that should help and I will check out the rain pants if they seem OK. I also have somewhere some gortex socks. I think lol. That will keep my feet dry. So looks like now I CAN have fun in the rain! I’ve got to put in some uni hours. I have plans for my uni and things I need to learn first.

Riding in rain and wet conditions is fine, just remember to dry off your uni as best you can i.e. wipe off excess water/crud. I’d also avoid riding in too much mud (I know you’re just learning now so perhaps this is premature) as 1. you can really do a number on your bearings (I had to replace mine) and 2. It may not be much fun if the mud is very sticky or too slippery. It’s one thing to have to pass through mud on your ride and another to actively seek it out! :slight_smile: As others have said, be careful on wet wooden surfaces! Otherwise go have fun!