Riding in snow

I did my first snow ride this Thursday in MA, just outside of Boston. On the recommendations of One on one, I rode in Cutler Park.

The first 1/4 mile of the trail was pretty rough. It was mostly frozen foot-prints with a 1 inch coating of powder. Within the first 100 yards I fell off 3 times. It finally dawned on me to let as much air out of the tire as possible, and after that riding wasn’t too bad.

Once I got the cadence up, the ride was a real blast. Riding on snow and ice is great for honing your balance. As someone else mentioned earlier in the thread, sharp turns can be dangerous. So, I just tried to pick some smooth lines and ride over whatever was in my way.

The best part of the ride was when I came across a bunch of walkers who were using their arms as much for balance as I was. I don’t know if they had ever seen a unicycle, much less a unicyclist who rides on snow and ice. Their expressions were priceless.


I like riding backwards in the snow so you can see your tracks as you pedal away.

Just got a KH24 last Monday. It was snowing alot here in MN so I just sat on it inside for a couple of days, Wednesday it was still snowing but I couldn’t stand it any longer and took it out. My wife took a couple of pictures before I headed off for a few miles…

This first one was a feeble 12" power slide into a UPD…

This next one is just trying to balance…

And this last one is just pretty much hopping around in the deeper stuff. I just couldn’t get a roll going there…

I was really happy to learn that riding in the snow and ice is very doable. I just started riding in May of this year, and really didn’t want to put it away for the winter and lose what fitness and some of the skills I’d worked so hard at getting.

This morning it was zero degrees Fahrenheit when I headed over to Battle Creek East for some riding. I couldn’t ride on the biking trails, since they are all for skiing now, but I parked there cause there is a path along the road for a mile that I just rode back and forth on. I love the looks ya get when riding in the summer, but seeing the ski’ers and folks at the stop signs looking at ya when it’s that cold and snowy, it’s priceless.

Definately gonna keep riding all winter up here in MN. :slight_smile:

I spent the day riding on the frozen lake we live on, its a great time, not many hills though. Every once in awhile you’ll break through a false crust, and you think you’re going for a swim! Try it!

You globe-trotting muni-eer, you.

I live in Australia as well my friend as do these people.

:thinking: ??? :thinking:

Last year I posted a brief note on the Kenda’s Klondike, a fine studded tire for those who ride a 26" wheel in icy roads. Click below. --carl (North Dakota)

Who doesn’t love riding it the snow. I love riding on the ice. if you lean forward and slip on the ice you can skid.

Seeming as it doesn’t snow here in Oz. I would normally ride at my dads work which is fish markets. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would rather ride where it is snowless but since their is more months with snow than without you learn to deal with it.

I would rather not slip and slide too much, studs and chains are the way to go!

that sounds like fun

It’s more fun trying it then me writing it. :smiley:

Warmer temp + snow + 20" equals

I tried my 20" in 2" of snow. The temp had risen to almost melting point of snow.

The best I could manage was a few feet. Could not idle, mostly what happened was I would spin my tire and not move any where.

The tread pattern on my 20" should allow me to ride ok in the snow, but I just could not get any forward momentum going like I could on my 29".

Funny I thought maybe my 20" would do ok in the shallow snow. Guess I’ll stick to the 29" for winter riding.


I’m just about to make the jump to a bigger wheel. I’m buying the Nimbus 29". What do you think, ISIS cranks or no?

Also, I’d like to get a snow tire. Would this one do the trick? Which size should I get, the 35C or the 45C? Any other wheel I should be considering? I’ve never switched my wheels before, what should i know going into this?

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Personally I would go with the ISIS model because I doubt I would constrain myself to flat ground. The advantage of square taper though is the availability of cheep cranks in a variety of lengths so experimenting doesn’t have to be as expensive

I definitely say go with the wider 45C tire, it should give you better flotation on packed snow.

Changing tires is easy but you may need to get tire levers to remove your current tire.

Good luck and have fun

Yeah, thanks. I thought I was a member a few years ago, turns out not.

How do I know when a wheel is the right size? What do I need to be looking at to know when it’s too big or small? And is there any better wheels for snow riding?

I just spent a week in Toronto, and I was tempted to take my uni with me.
Glad I didn’t.
Silly snow and ice.

I spent a much more constructive time in the hotel bar, getting happily sozzled.

Last winter I used a 26x3" Gazz with chains and it worked pretty good, This year I have been experimenting with my 36 and long cranks as a snow machine. I really like it but need to do something about traction. I just purchased a tire groover off of e-bay and plan on grooving and studding my TA for winter use.

The 36 is a bit unwieldily on the foot paths but great for most other stuff. I haven’t tried it yet (don’t have one) but I think a 29er with a good wide studded tire and 150mm cranks would be about ideal.

Love my 29" in the snow.

Out again today. What a ball.

In the colder temps the snow is perfect. No sinking effects.

To bad I didn’t have some one else to ride with.

Others don’t know what your missing.

Mabey if you were nice to it you’d be friends?