Riding in Snow

Happy New Years Day!!!

Woke up News Year Day and it’s snowing. I decided to start out the new year by riding my Muni in snow. It was quite the work out riding around the neighborhood streets with fresh snow covering them. I have a 3" Gazzaloddi and it seems to get great traction with very little snow sticking in the tread. It’s alot of fun to ride fast and then skid.

I with you all a great New Years and many days of unicycling.


do you have skidoo trails? a properly packed skidoo trail makes for an awesome winter ride.

I don’t think any less than 2.5 inch tire on a skidoo trail would work well enough, but who knows. It sure works well with a 3"r

i know,Salem is getting dumped on with the white stuff.to bad we live so far away from each other it would be fun to go one a little ride without having to drive over.

the other night on the ice i was sliding for 3 to 4 feet after reving up and stopping.its a weird feeling to go forward on a uni without pedaling,its a dream.

That’s not fair! I’m missing out on the Northwest snow. I’m sitting here in Atlanta enjoying the nice warm sunny weather and missing my chance for riding in the snow around Seattle. :frowning:

Yep. I’m missing my winter rides as well. So far this year we have about 5+ ft. of the fluffy white stuff and I won’t be able to ride for another 3-4 months!

I’m taking King MUni-Man out tomorrow. He’s itching quite badly for a ride. I’ll just watch and snap a few photos.


Patiently Healing from knee surgery…

An ACL Recon and Bone Shaving- It’s about as pleasant as it sounds.

Today, I went out for my first MUni ride in over 10 weeks. I’ve still got the pins in my thumb, but I couldn’t resist the temptation. It had drizzled slightly overnight and the trails were almost perfect. Would have been a little better if it wasn’t 75 degrees :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I actually worked up a sweat!!

Gene, that first picture is awesome. I’m waiting for a good snow here, so I can check out snow riding. I put a Muni fat tire on my 8 year old’s Juggerbug, so she will enjoy the fluffy stuff too.

Jagur mentioned sliding on a uni. Years ago, I loved to slide sideways on gymnasium or stage floors, then ride way and do it again. I don’t know if these 40 year old bones could, would still attempt that or not. It sure sounds like fun.

KrashinKenny, great to hear your back on the uni. I decided not to ride today because of the stitches in my finger. I might do it tomorrow. --chirokid–

I just couldn’t wait any longer. The pain in the thumb is pretty much gone (except when I hit the end of it and “drive the pins in”) so I just went for it. After being off the MUni for so long and still being in the learning stage, I pretty much sucked today. Mkuhfahl and myself got in just shy of 6 miles and I UPD’d more times than I care to remember, but it wa great to be riding again.
Be careful with that chopped up finger and give it a little time to heal. It’s hard to imagine the inconvience caused by something so seemingly trivial as an incapacitated digit until one experiences it firsthand. I feel your pain, brother:( :frowning:
Take care and be careful with that digit:) :slight_smile: