Riding in SF Bay area 10/17-10/23/07

We’re going to be in Berkeley for some family functions and I’m considering schlepping my muni out there. I was hoping to hook up with some of my forum brothas and sistas.

We arrive Weds. 10/17 and leave Tues 10/23. Is anyone around and up for riding? One thing on my to-do list is riding up Marin Ave in Berkeley, but I’d love to hook up for a good trail ride, too.

Reply here, PM me, or my cell:518.229.2320


One warning, Marin is pretty close to unridable on a standard road setup. I tried a bit of it last week on my 29er with 110s and only got about a third of the way up the hardest block (which was further than Mike Scalisi got on his Coker with 125s).

I’ve gotten up the third-hardest block on a 29er with 150s. The three blocks at the top (the three hardest ones) might be ridable by me on that setup.

I suppose it should be ridable on a MUni, if that’s what you’re bringing. (Although, another possibility; bring your 29er and we can do Mount Diablo, up on roads, down on the trails).

I’m busy on Saturday the 20th but should be available on Sunday the 21st, and can get people together for whatever you’re into.

oops got my dates mixed up

I’ve climbed it on a MTB, and I certainly respect the steepness.

Well, I was planning on just bringing the KH24. Anything bigger is too hard to pack up. An early start Sunday would probably work, as we have an engagement at 2PM. I could probably get familial forgiveness if I was late, too, if you or someone else could drive my lard-ass around. (Wife needs the car.)

Mt. Diablo sounds fun, if it’s feasible within the timeframe. I wouldn’t mind climbing it on my KH24 if there were trails to be had on the way down. I won’t slow you down too much. :smiley:

Otherwise, just some random semi-technical trail riding would be great. I’m not a Santa Barbara-type maniac, but I’m pretty tough, for an old guy.:wink:

I’d love to join you guys! Could someone put an email out on the bluetreesoft muni mailing list when a plan comes together?

I went out and got the largest “duffel bag” piece of luggage at an American Tourister outlet store, and it works perfectly for my GB4 29". Just pulled the pedals and seat off, and let most of the air out of the tire. Had room for my camelpack and helment/pads also. It isn’t a “roller”, but it was easy for me to put it on top of my rolling suitcase and move both of them through the airport.

It was a good investment of $40.

Eh, Mt. Diablo is no place for a 24". It’s 12 miles of road, and then the trails down are too easy to be interesting on a real MUni (though they’re fun on a big wheel).

But there’s plenty of cool MUni in the area. If you have to be back by 2:00, Joaquin Miller makes the most sense.

OK cool. Let’s do it!

Ben PS and I are planning on doing side-o at some point. About as difficult as the trails come in the Bay Area, and it’d be excellent if you wanted to join us. We will be stopping a lot.

I’ll be there till the 19th, ben the 18th.

I don’t think I can make it during the week, but I HIGHLY recommend Side-O. As Bevan says, it’s the best or one of the best in the whole Bay Area (including Santa Cruz).

I’d like to try Marin Ave sometime. I’d probably opt for 29er w/150mm although I bet that would be hard in one shot.


Well, as long as Side-O isn’t too sick, I’d do it. You guys know my timing - Sunday AM through 2ish/3ish PM. So just talk amonst yourselves, agree on something, and we’ll do it.

So, to semi-finalize before me and the family fly out to Oakland Int’l on Weds…

My KH24 is all packed up tight. We’re going to Muni on Sunday morning, right?

Who’s in charge enough to give me their cell phone number and a possible lift?

We’re staying at my wife’s uncle’s place, up on the hill in Berkeley.


We’re also looking at doing Side-O on Wednesday afternoon since Ben and Bevan will be available then. Still working out timing etc.

Unfortunately I can’t make this one. Hey Nathan - make your own damn thread, will ya! :wink:

I need to know about Sunday AM.

I believe Tom is planning to lead the Side-O ride on Sunday. I’m probably going to come just because I’ve never ridden it before, and it’s supposed to be awesome.

That’s THOLUB, right?


Yes, I’m planning to lead a ride on Sunday, although I’m not sure Side-O will be the one; with rain this week, I’m concerned about the conditions. Joaquin Miller sloughs off rain a lot better than most of the East Bay trails. We’ll see how it goes on Wednesday.

I’ll PM you.

OK, so there’s Sunday morning muni.

Now I’m also definitely going to attempt Marin Ave at least once. Anyone up for it? You could show this old East Coast climber who’s boss.

Steve, I’m not sure if we can do it, but Beau and I might be able to come up for a climb of Marin Ave. That would be really cool.