Riding in school...

Well as a teacher we get to do things(when the kiddos aren’t around) the students are forbidden to do.

Spent a good hour toodling around in school on my dx. I popped into fellow teacher classrooms and hopped a 180 and pedaled back out.

And the feeling of speed goin down those halls was wicked fun! zoom. Had half the staff(mind you almost to retire teachers) hopping on the unicycle using the lockers for balance and pedaling down the hall. Wish the my boss(principle) tried…Funny as anything!

That’s awesomke…

lofl i ride in our school when ever i want. lol i just have to be in the aux gym. :sunglasses: yes im just that cool

I wish I could do that…Me and Matt should totally ask

Yes, school hallways are awesome to ride around in. Especially on a BC wheel, it’s just a nice long hallway with smooth carpet. A very nice riding surface, even more so during passing period.