Riding in Reading (UK)?

I’m going to be in Reading UK on Saturday afternoon May 6 and Sunday May 7 with some time to spare. Any local riders that are both A) intersted in some sort of a ride, and B) possessing of an extra unicycle I could borrow?

I’d love to hook up for a ride, but my trip is business, and I don’t have the leeway of being able to pack along a uni.

If no extra unis, would always be willing to substitute a few pints for the ride. :slight_smile:


Sorry Reading is a few hours drive from us, but just posting to wish you a good flight and hope you enjoy your trip to the sunny UK. I hope this link to Reading’s local cycle route may be of some interest.

or these guys might know of some more “interesting” routes. www.readingctc.co.uk/

Would have like to, but my Nazi brother is getting married for tax reasons on the 6th and I have to be present. Can’t get that far on Sunday. Hope you get a good ride.

I might be able to make the Sunday as I’ve already promised to take the kids to Birmingham Circus Convention on the Saturday.

Reading is about 10 miles from me, although I’ve never ridden around there. I can assemble a second 29er, but it would have a road tyre.


I’ll be up for a ride on either day, Sunday is good if it’s best for keg too. I’ve got no idea about places to ride that are close to Reading, but I’m sure it won’t be too difficult to find out.

I’m not close to Reading, but when walking around there earlier in the year noted some nice (but not challenging) trails around the lakes in Dinton Pastures Country Park near the end of the A329(M). There’s a car park at the SE corner, or else park by the big cinema complex at the m-way junction.


Well I have a 24" so it won’t be a 29er day for me!

Either the 29ers will have to wait, or we’ll have to pedal extra fast! (Although if there are a few more people with 29ers riding it could be a problem, but at least there should be two of us on 24"s so it won’t just be one person getting left behind)

I’ve just found out from my fiancee that I’m supposed to be having lunch or dinner with my future outlaws sometime next weekend, but I’ll try to make that on Sunday evening or something so I can still go riding!

Another option is to ride along the Thames, I need to check if the tow path is present in the Reading area first, this should be traffic free.

As an alternative I can bring a 26" and a 29er then the ride can be more towards Muni, possibly at Swinley Forest?

Tom what would you like to do? I think you mainly ride 29er & 36" based on memory of your ride reports?


The tow path is okay at Reading but there are some bits you can’t legally ride (and aren’t fun cos they have stiles on anyway) once you head towards Henley.

To be honest, even on a road 29er, I’d recommend Swinley anyway, I’ve ridden it on a big apple and it was cool, it shouldn’t be too muddy right now. If you’re not feeling up to the singletrack, there’s tons of fire roads to ride which are going to be more interesting than the Thames Path.

Keith - do you know Swinley well? There’s some cool singletrack there now, it’s mostly outside the ‘mountain bike area’. There’s a decent loop of a few miles of singletrack coming off the top where the reservoir is, which was fab on a 29er. When I was there just before Christmas it was pretty easy to find, as it was used for the Gorrick XC races, so there were a lot of tyre trails. There’s also the fenceline, which is a fantastic piece of trail, but I can’t describe where it is, you’d have to ask a mountain biker to direct you. Swinley is really cool if you know it well, you can easily get 10 miles of singletrack in without riding anything twice, although if you don’t know it well, you do tend to ride in circles.

The Thames does have the advantage of being a very nice English experience, especially on a sunny day, riding down the Thames to a pub and then returning in a wobblesome manner is one of the most English things you can do.



Even though I drive past Swinley twice a day I haven’t ridden there since training for last years SSMM, I really need to get down there more. The only thing putting me off is mobile coverage is intermittent, I ride alone & it is usually getting dark so I meet nobody. Not ideal if you get hurt…

I have ridden the fenceline atleast once, no idea if I could find it again. The mountain bikers at work ride there weekly, they mentioned the new trails I’ll ask them for the directions if we go there.

I considered the Thames as I was also thinking of the English experience, I thought Reading - Windsor - Reading would be interesting but I forgot how much it looped so this would not be practical.


All the options listed sound interesting to me. My two primary rides are a 24 muni and a custom 36, and I’d be happy with either the singletrack/fireroad option, or the Thames “path and pub” option. For 2006, most of my miles have been in the woods on my 24. I’m only just starting to get out and about on the 36 again. A 29-er would be a fun change, regardless of terrain. I’ve really only ridden one once, for a few hundred yards.

Let’s see who all we muster up, then we can take it to PM for the specifics. Sounds like Sunday is generally better. I can go any time, although mid-morning might be preferable, as I’d like to try to get some downtown London activities in later in the day.

This will be fun.

Livingstone, Columbus, Hannibal, Sir Francis Chichester, Chay Blyth, and many others, had no mobile coverage. Live dangerously.

That’s right…and if push comes to shove, I can signal passing planes with my glasses-mounted rear-view mirror.

Most probably Sunday, time to be decided with Tom. I think we’ll ride at Swinley Forest as it is an easy place for people to meet at.


Yes, Sunday sounds good. For me, earlier in the day would be best if possible (mid morning?), but I could do later if that’s what works best for anyone local. I really have no plans, but am hoping to get into London mid-afternoon to see this.

I’m supposed to be having Sunday lunch in Wimbledon, so the only way I could fit a ride in is if we went pretty early.

I had a look at the Swinley Forest website, and it looks like a great place to ride,
so if you guys are going early then I would love to come.

What time do you need to finish by? I will be in Birmingham till 2200 the night before, but should be able to get up relatively early.


I’m not sure yet, I’ll find out later today. Hopefully I can make it a late lunch!

Just found out that I have to be in Wimbledon at 1pm, so if I go I’ll have to leave by about 11. This would mean an early start if we want to get a decent ride in, like 9ish maybe.

If that’s too early for the rest of you guys that’s fine, if you wanted to meet later I could always just leave early. Some muni is better than no muni!

Oh and Tom, if you’re going to be sightseeing in London on Sunday afternoon keep an eye out for the Great Big Mechanical Elephant!!!

I’m planning on coming but that’s a wee bit too early for me. I was hoping for a later start - 10 or 11. this may suit Birmingham Circus Convention goers too?

Your call Tom - what time suits you?