Riding In Palm Springs

There is a good chance that I’m going to a science conference in Palm Springs at the end of October. I plan to bring my unicycles. Are there some good trails to ride out there? Any “must experience” rides? I do not know that area at all but I do love the desert. I hope it will be warm.

I don’t know about the trails there, but I live only an hour away and my granparents live there. I could try to be in Palm Springs while you’re there and we could meet up for a muni ride if you want to.

I don’t know the area super well, but Palm Springs is a high desert, giving you the option to ride in desert terrain or take a short drive into the San Jacinto mountains, where I’m sure there’s a ton of possibilities. There is also a tram nearby that goes up 8500 feet into the mountains, I don’t know if it takes you to an area where bikes aren’t allowed, but might be worth looking into. Have fun, it should be a great time of year there. If you have time there is a wild animal park you can walk through that’s pretty cool.

I have not ridden in Palm Springs, but I drive through there occasionally. Looking it up on the web I found a “goat trail” listed that sounds interesting. It suggests advanced Mountain Biking skills are appropriate, so it may be a bit much. Here is a review:


The goat trail looks like a good possibility. I like the steep stuff and if there are areas that get too steep I can always walk.

CrazyJoe, it would be fun to have someone to ride with. Please be aware that your 17 year old male muscle strength may get bored riding with my 50 year old grandma muscles :p. I wish my 17 year old son was interested riding.

I’ll check into the tram and potential bike trails from there.