Riding in foot races


> Due to popular demand I will ride in the parade, threading my way between
> the antique tractors and fire trucks on my unicycle, but my wife had another
> idea: what if I were to “race” alongside the 5K runners. I have a 26" uni
> that I can fit with 5 inch crankarms so I would have a chance (I think) of
> finishing somewhere in the middle of the field.

I rode my 24" with the basic cranks in a 5k and finished in the upper middle
pack with a time of 28 minutes. It is not difficult at all to keep up with
reasonable joggers – I paced along side a friend of mine (who was on foot) and
was going more slowly than usual.

> If I suggest to the officials that I participate in a non-competitive
> capacity (and am not immediately denied) my next concern is the reaction of
> the runners. Some of these will be serious regional contenders and this race
> is part of a points series. Does anyone here think my participation could
> invalidate the race results or cause violent protest from the runners? I
> intend to stay out of the runner’s way and not interfere with anyone on
> foot. Comments?

You should not pose any problems to the joggers, walkers or other participants.
I had to dodge large groups for the first few minutes, but they spread out so
much over the course that it was an easy ride afterthat. Riding on campus is
more crowded and takes more skill…

The organizers thought that I was just a little odd and had no problem with me
“running” in the race. The professional athletes started first, with the
not-so-professional types afterwards. I was positioned right before the children
and walkers, but soon outdistanced them and caught up with the slower runners
from the second set.

The highlight of my ride was that I made the -entire- 5k without dismounting! I
was saddle sore that evening, but the all-I-could-eat BBQ at the end made up for
any slight (ha!) pain. Near the 3k mark, my legs started to give out on me, but
I pushed on and started talking with my partner. That made it much easier to
keep moving and keep up.

I also carried a pack with water and a snack. The joggers looked very envious
when I pulled a water bottle out of my bag and had a nice drink. The PowerBar
™ was yummy, too.

Keep at it! Tramm

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