Riding in Albany, NY

Hey all… I’m new to the forum.

Wanted to see if I can connect with riders in and around Albany, NY. I’m looking to start some group rides for all skill levels. Our next scheduled meetup is August 22nd (location TBD). Anyone interested in showing off/sharing tips? steveyo? rolandisimo?

Also… our neighborhood is participating in National Night Out August 7th and we’re looking for some unicyclists to entertain crowds and hopefully generate some interest. If you would like to participate, stop by St. James church (corner of St. James and Delaware Ave) on August 7th around 5:30pm. Free ice cream!

  • Perry

Hey Perry - I can’t believe I missed this thread!!!

Sorry bout that! AFAIK, Rolandisimo and I are the only two online here, but there are a couple of Delmar high school guys that ride, too.

Hm, I’m only about 2 hours south of Albany.