Riding Headphones

I’m looking for riding headphones that just have one ear bud. Does anyone know of such a thing? Don’t suggest I just pull out one ear bud from a regular set, because most of the songs I have are stereo, so half of the music won’t be playing.

Or is there a way to convert files to be mono? That’d be a last resort though.

I used to have a pair of headphones that a “Stereo/Mono” switch that was pretty cheap. I’m sure you could find something like that if you look around.

this is why I ride with my ipod connected to small extrenal speakers! I can hear the music just fine, but also everything around me too!:slight_smile:

Hey I use my cell phone that has a radio built in when I go riding. I just use the regular ear bud with mic to listen to music. Plus I have it set up so when I get a call it will automatically answer my phone and turn off the music. Then when the other person hangs up the music starts again.

you cqn just mix your music into mono, I use Koss the Plug hedphones which are great for riding. I love having two earphones cause then i can pretend i can’t hear those “look hes only got one wheel” comments…

My mate has a small back-pack with a water resevoir that has inbuilt speakers and it works really well, might be more expensive than what you want but it is really good

Hi i think this is a good way to get around the problem of not hearing traffic noise and background noise, as long as you dont mind everyone else listening to your music! (which depending on your genre could result in comments worse than “wheres your other wheel gone” )


What about this helmet?


Safe and easy.

they sell those in danscomp too…
i wouldnt buy one cuse if u fall hard enough u could seriously damage those speakers…
i just ride with an ipod and 2 headphones and if its too loud i turn it down…thats the joy of volume adjustment controls…

Yeah, I agree. iPod with Sony’s jogging headphones (the ones that fit to the shape of your ear) are great… Turn down the volume and if you really want to hear what’s going on around you, just pull the speaker out of your ear a little. It still hangs and you can keep on cycling.

I wear the ones that clip to your ears and there’s a band going behind your head, or I use the ear bud type ones.

I jsut keep my volume down low enough that I can hear myself snap, that way I hear my music, and everything else going on.

I think this site has what you’re looking for.