Riding gloves

I see that a lot of people wear gloves when they unicycle. Are they a special kind of gloves, like cycling gloves? I find that hopping really does a number on my hands and I figure gloves would be great to stop that.

Re: Riding gloves

I personnaly have 2 pairs of gloves. One is just a pair of Bell cycling gloves from walmart, and the other is a thicker pair for when its really cold outside.

Your basic full-figered cycling gloves are great for the job.

I use weight lifting gloves they have lots of pading on the part the unsely hit the ground.

I don’t know much about them, but the new KH Pulse Gloves look pretty good. I think I’m gonna get a pair for meself.

Wrist guards

You are asking about Wrist guards. I use Harbingers. When it is cold I put on a a pair of XXL fleece/windprotectors gloves over them.

Iron Clad gloves which are available at some local hardware stores are great gloves. They come in many styles. Cold weather, fingerless, etc. I use the General Utility gloves for mechanical work. They offer lots of protection, but allow me to pick up screws with them. I believe that Ace hardware carries them. They would be ideal as riding gloves.

I bought a pair of gloves right after I crashed on rough pavment for the first time, it tore up my palm, I just got some really nice looking motocross gloves, I got motocross gloves because I used to ride, and I knew a few things about them, they are well padded everywhere, and they keep your hands cool, and allow lots of circulation even though they are body fit, its a must have for motocross because of the severe arm pump. And it works very well for uni too.

i prefer long fingered downhill or dirt jumping gloves without the padded palm of normal cycling gloves. that part always seemed bulky and got in the way on the uni. most downhill gloves also have padded backs/knuckles which helps off road when you run into stuff.

i’ve bought a bunch of good stuff from http://www.danscomp.com/

i’m using the ugp shock gloves currently

Do the wristguards get in the way ever? I would think they’d be pretty bulky.