Riding Giraffes at my school...

I have couple of clips for you of me riding a giraffe in my school’s gym.

The first clip is from last October during my schools Homecoming Rally. Homecoming Week is HUGE at my high school, and for my senior year, my class’s theme was Pirates. The overall school theme was “movie genres.” One of the many activities during the rally was a “mascot contest,” where each class had someone dressed up as their classes theme (the other class themes were fantasy [Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory], Police Movies, and horrer) and get there class pumped up.
So I dressed as a pirate and rode a 5 foot giraffe around leading my class in a kooky chant I made up. (Thanks again to John Hooten for letting me borrow his giraffe) By the way, when I dismount the giraffe in the video clip, it wasn’t a fall, I meant to dismount. I was trying to be dramatic or something, hehe.

The link for it: http://www.unicyclejester.com/albums/vids/riegel_pirate_giraffe_rally.wmv

The next clip was from tonight, where I rode my new 8 foot giraffe around during halftime at a boys basketball game. I won’t go in to detail why I rode it, when you watch it, it should make sense. But I was basically annoucing donations. P.S., it kind of looks like no one is there, that’s cause the far side of the gym is the visitor side, and it wasn’t that crowded. On the opposite side (video camera’s side) it was packed.

I have always wanted a giraffe, but ever since I rode one for the first time around February 2003 (one of John Hooten’s) I haven’t really pursued buying one. I guess you kind of get fulfulled after you try it out. Anyway, I ended up doing a trade with a friend: I made him a website, he made me a custom 8 footer using 2 old child bikes, some steel, a shwinn seatpost and old KH seat I had. It was nice because he happened to be doing remodeling work for John Foss, and he got to inspect his garage-full of unis! The Giraffe turned out pretty sweet, except the cranks are about 110mm because they are from a little kids bike crankset. So it makes the giraffe difficult to ride around on uneven ground. Also, just so you know, it’s not painted yet, it will be a shiny bright pink :).

Here is the link: http://www.unicyclejester.com/albums/vids/giraffe_halftime_basketballgame_riegel.wmv

I’ll take some pix of the giraffe closeup so you can see it better! They’ll probably be in my unicyclejester gallery soon.



Wow, that 8 footer is a beast! Can you freemount it? Do you have any vids of you mounting it?

Sweet ride. Oh, and the pink is a nice touch too. :wink:

why is it that most of the movies on busteduni.com and the links above never work for me?:frowning: it brings me to a page with millions of pages with weird letters.


Very cool Jess!! I know somebody with a 15 foot giraffe but after watching you ride an 8 footer 15 feet seems stupid :astonished:

dude thats pretty cool. never thought an 8 fter would look that big.


Are you using Mozilla Firefox? This happens to me also when I click a wmv file. To get around this (and still use firefox), I installed the “View page in IE” extension. (Click on Tools > Extensions, and you’ll find this particular plugin under the Firefox extensions, named “View page in IE.” Once it’s installed, you simply right-click wmv files, select “View link with IE,” and windows media player will pop up. There you have it.



It might be that the web server that serves the content isn’t sending the proper MIME type. This can cause the browser to think that the content is TEXT\HTML or TEXT\PLAIN or some other MIME type that it thinks it knows how to display.

Use whatever method your browser provides to “Save Link as…” Save the file to disk and open it with whatever player you use.


Thanks it worked!

That 8’ giraffe is really cool, so was your pesentation. But how did you mount it? I dont think I saw in the vid.

I want to make a 6’ giraffe out of an old bike and some time, but i dont really know how…


Nope :stuck_out_tongue: I climbed up a ladder and hung onto the side of the bleachers to get up. I think it’s impossible to freemount this unless I make a custom footpad thing (like John Foss’s T. Miller 9 footer - see his website). I actually think this giraffe may be higher than 8 feet, I haven’t measured it yet. That’s just what we planned on, so I have been calling it an 8 footer.

NOTE: The problem with firefox has been fixed thanks to the Gilbster. So all wmv files on busteduni.com or unicyclejester.com will open a video player instead of a bunch of useless code!

ALSO: I wanted to mention that we raised $479 dollars for Cory!



p.s. I will take some pix of the giraffe tomorrow. (and measure it too)

I took some photos today of the beast!

I also measured it, and it turned out to be 8 feet from bottom of the tire to top of saddle! What a surprise!

Here is my gallery with about 7 photos of the giraffe:


While I had my Mom’s camera, I felt it was a good time to take some pix of all my unicycles together. Here is the gallery of that (and it contains a couple funny video clips of our goat Sunny trying to eat my unis):





There’s an old website by a German unicyclist by the name of Dr Wolfgang Schaper. He has the apparent ability to freemount his [what appears to be an] 8 footer and there is a series of stills showing how he gets up there, no video unfortunately.

I don’t know if this link will fit, but here goes…

The method appears to be similar to freemounting a 6 footer (one foot on tyre, other foot on pedal, climb up to saddle) except he has to actually jump off the tyre and use his arms to haul himself up before his other foot reaches the pedal.