Riding down stairs

ive been tryingto go down stairs lately, i make it sometimes but it sems its more like a fluke when i do make it
any tips?

Practice. Treat it as if it’s just a steep slope.

Just go for it!
Honestly that’s the best advice. Keep yourself on the seat, keep your feet on the pedals, and keep the pedals moving…like monocyclist said, it’s just like a bumpy hill. Go fast it makes it easier.

Well, if you have a choice, i would use a bigger wheel. It makes it much easier.

for small stair cases it doesn’t matter.
my personal opinion is that it is better to learn on a 20" because you have more control of your speed, where as on a 24" you can go faster and the ride is smoother but you lose some of the control of your speed

one time i rode down a 9 set on my 19

i dont do stairs, theyre just not my thing i hate them, i even avoid 3 sets where i can

The moment you think “Oh deary Mother Mary this is scarier than a 30ft tiger”, you’ll fall off. You’ve got to hit the stairs with total belief that you’ve going to make it. I don’t know why but I find that people mostly make themselves bail when they get scared.

Apart from self belief: Stand up and lean back and pedal fast!
Perhaps www.unicycletips.com has something there


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Treat the stairs as if they’re not even there - it’s just rough ground you’re riding over. Watch out when you hit the bottom though - lean back slightly - this is the place where you’re most likely (if at all) to fall. :slight_smile:

try holding the saddle at the front too, that was the bit i forgot when i first rode stairs and without holding on the uni is more likely to slip away from under you.

When I first started trying to ride stairs I used to sit down but found I’d get bounced out the seat and lose control, now I prefer to take my weight out of the seat and hold the handle so the uni doesn’t get away from you.

The first thing that improved my attempts was riding faster, I used to ride slow thinking I could control it more but faster is better as it makes it like a bumpy hill rather than a series of drops and you have a much better rythm and so less chance of twisting off line but the main thing that cracked it for me was looking straight ahead, I kept looking down at the stairs and the first time I looked up and straight ahead I nailed a two level 16 set, after that I hit all the stairs I could find on my way home and nailed them all, now I can do them 9 out of 10 times.

my best advice: don’t slow down and pull up on that handle as much as you can. steady speed (that’s not too slow) was the biggest thing that helped me get down.

steady speed is good, but if you hit it too fast you won’t be able to control you speed. if you hit it too slow you the ride becomes bumpier because instead of just skimming down the points you roll, drop, roll, drop instead of tap, tap, tap down them

Rolling hop the stairs instead.

thanks a bunch guys, iwas out riding yesterday and i approached a set of 5 stairs and just went for it and i made it, the werent very steep so it was easier, but it was still an accomplishment for me

thanks a again

btw im learning this on a 20 inch trials