Riding down a "River of Rock"!

The section of trail ridden in this video is one of the most brutally unforgiving and insanely technical of anything I’ve ever ridden. It’s a steep, unrelenting river of rock that will beat you up and spit you out!

The really tricky part of riding this section is not just that it’s rocky and steep. It’s the back-facing rock heads and the deep dips between them that make you feel like you’re riding a Spanish Fighting Bull with mad cow disease!

** Watch in HD and full screen if you can!

That looks solid!

What sort of heat were you in? (referencing the sun protection section), as a soulless ginger I burn even in the petty England sun, I’m scared to go visit the US for some MUni now :frowning:

It was around 85 degree F, but I always go by the “UV Index”, which can be at the highest (most damaging) level even in low temps. Conversely, it can be 100 degrees at 8am or late afternoon, but with very low UV index due to the sun’s low angle at the time. I do try to avoid riding or being in the sun between 10am-4pm, but sometimes that’s just not possible. But regardless of when I’m out and about, I cover up and slather on the broad spec daily, without fail. :slight_smile:

hi terry
great video
love the outtakes