Riding Double - Add Your Picture

When we were kids, my brother used to tote me on his 24" Schwinn. It was part tote - part piggy back, because I didn’t get very much of the seat.

Now that I’m larger, there seems to be even less seat available to share. Here I am, however, “riding double” with my daughter, who weighs around 60 lbs.

Who else has pics?

disclaimer: this isn’t a picture of me. I only wish it was.

Some friends of mine…

barefooted? ouch!

I especially like how the little one at the top seems so bored by it all. Priceless.

Yeah Jemba performs every now and then with his Dad. Mark, the Dad, has a part in his act where he balances upside down by his head on the head of his partner…so the only thing in contact is their heads. He’s amazing.

Everyone comments about not wearing shoes. Personally I much prefer it for freestyle, and he rides with soft pedals anyway (well not soft, but plastic flat ones).



Boy, I’m not sure I’d trust that much weight on lollypop bearings, or better yet, the thin-wall metal frame into which the bearing holders fit.

Also, I’m a little concerned for the baby. There’s really no where for the mom to go for in an emergency without getting tangled up in the rider below. Seems a little dangerous. But then again, I don’t know the skill of the rider either.

Overall, I gotta say, pretty impressive!


I’m sure you’ve all seen this one from the unicycling.org site.


David Stone from NY with his two kids, some years ago. I have played around with this picture when graphic filters were the thing of the day.

Klaas Bil


NOW THERES AN IDEA! i never though of puting your foot on the crown for a pasanger!

Bruce, I started replying to your comment but then took it far too far off topic so I made a whole new thread about it in Just Conversation. :slight_smile: I hope you don’t mind my quoting you over there.


Andrew, I can’t view your movie when I download it. RealPlayer crashes. (I’ve downloaded it twice now.) Is there something particular about it?




That’s really scary.

scary- yet hot. ya feel

That’s Fantastic!!! I love it.

Definitely some skilled riding but I have to agree that it’s way too dangerous for the infant. The mother’s weight would kill the little one.

I was hiking once with my about-one-year-old in a hiking backpack-style carrier. I was being the usual overly safety conscious and strapped her in. I think I even got laughed at for doing so. Lucky I did though, because halfway down the trail there was an old wire across the trail buried in the grass. I went down flat, and she came partially out of the pack, but was fine. The straps saved her from possibly serious injury.

Not a popular stance but that is my position on jumping over people and flaming hockey as well. Too dangerous.

It’s encoded with DivX, so to view that 51MB version you will need to go to www.divx.com and download the free DivX codec. I’ve never viewed a DivX encoded video with RealPlayer though. Maybe once you have the codec, if it doesn’t work with RealPlayer you could try Windows Media Player.

There is a 15.8MB version available though which will play in Windows Media Player (among many others) without having to go and do extra stuff. It is here - http://gallery.unicyclist.com/albums/album359/Movie_1_Trials_of_2004_lowres.wmv

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


Hey…this is one of few skills I can do!

This was last year when I was in Uganda as a charity volunteer. I was the 44th white person to come to this rural village we visited. There was one bicycle in the village, so the children were quite facinated by a unicycle, let alone a white man on one. :slight_smile: