Riding curbs

My son and I discovered a new (to us) way to have fun on unicycles this weekend.
It started when he saw a curving curb, with dirt on one side and a drop to the
road on the other. He was able to ride along it to the end after just a few
tries. After a larger number of tries, I made it. It’s a great balance

The next day, we rode down to the beach and back (4 miles). The route had many
different kinds of curbs: thin, thick, freestanding, bumpy, smooth, concrete,
asphalt, rocks and plants on top, etc. We tried riding them all and really had
a lot of fun. At the end of the ride, he was begging me to go out curb-riding
some more.

The first few times, it seemed difficult, and it certainly requires
concentration every time. But I think this is REALLY good practice for general
unicycle control. Specifically, this is what we are doing to learn to “Ride Like
Kris Holm.”

I know this is really simple for many of you. I’ve seen John Foss hop up on a
railroad track and ride along. But for normal people, I really recommend giving
this a few tries. It feels great when you can just go and go and go. You might
find it’s easier for you than you’d think. I was happily surprised.

Anyone else with interesting experiences riding on narrow things?