riding computers on unicycles

I was going to order a riding computer (from MEC.ca) for my unicycle and was wondering if they have any trouble fitting on unicycle because of the irregular shape of the frame; I assume they are designed for round bicycle forks. Right now I have a KH20 and am about to order a Bedford.


I doubt that you would have a problem. You can always use some variety of rubber to help hold on the sensor if you run into problems. On my stock Coker frame I had to shim the sensor out to get close enough to the spokes, as you can see here. First I tied on the shim, then tied the sensor onto the shim. That way if I had to remove the sensor, I still had the shim position fixed.

Ouch! That’s a big image attachment. I’m going to have to give you a free copy of Irfanview so you can shrink your pics before attaching them to a post. :slight_smile:

Awk clumsy me! Well I have an old version of Corel Photo-something but I was worried about losing resolution for jeremyi to zoom in on. I probably should have cropped it - what do you think, John?

Shrinking it down and or trimming away the parts of the picture you don’t need would be better. :slight_smile: Images attached to posts should be no bigger than 640x480 and compressed so they are less than 40K. If they are much bigger than 640x480 they look bad in the browser, and if they’re over 40K they can be a pain for the people on dialup to download every time they view the thread.

IrfanView is free. <http://www.irfanview.com/>
It does a very good job of resizing images. It will actually resample the image when resizing so you don’t loose much detail. Some photo programs just drop rows or columns of pixels when shrinking a picture which makes for poor results. IrfanView actually bothers to do the math to resample the image and produces great results.

If your copy of Corell Photo something also resamples when resizing then it should also give great results. But not all programs bother to resample. For example Microsoft Phto Editor that comes with Office 97 just drops pixels when shrinkng a picture and gives poor results.

I use IrfanView for most (all?) of my image tweaking. Everything from format conversion, jpeg compression, color correction, image resizing, etc. It does a great job and it’s free.

Some people need to tweak ALL of their images. Some of us look OK without cosmetic massaging.

Thanks for the link John. I’ve been inserting an image into Word then shrinking it, copying it, pasting it in Paint Shop Pro 6, and saving it. This new way seems much easier (although it hasn’t finished downloading yet).


I’m not sure it would help my image but I really could use a massage.