Riding cobbled streets

Anyone have suggestions on what kind of tire would work well when riding cobbled streets? I’ve ridden a stock Torker on some cobbled streets in Denmark but that was only a few time for short distances. What type of Uni would you ride on the cobbles of Flanders or Roubaix?

My suggestion would be, “the fatter, the better.” Then, low air pressure to absorb the bumps.

Æroskoping, Denmark

Lance, that’s what I’m thinking. Perhaps a Surly Knard or would that be too knobby? But the pros who ride the spring classics have smooth tires.

These cobbles weren’t too difficult on the Torker but they are quite tame in comparison.

Surly Bud.

largest wheel size you can get. A 36er eats up cobblestones for breakfast. : P

A 36 at 30 PSI would hardly notice any cobbles.

I ride my 36er on cobbles all the time, you definitely feel them but it’s easy enough to power it through and not suffer any speed loss! I don’t drop my tyre pressure, but it can’t hurt I suppose :smiley:

The Surly Knard at a lower pressure would solve this pretty well. I find that tire is great for most conditions.