riding budys

1)who do you ride most with?
2)do they make you ride better?
3)how did you meet?
4)anything else you want 2 say
if you don’t ride with anyone put some details someone might look!

  1. I dont ride with anyone. i live the sad lonely life of a unicyclist in crabville (maryland). theres a thread about unicyclists in the D.C./richmond area in “just conversation”, so hopefully i’ll find some people to ride with from there. at this point in time, the closest person i know that unicycles is Trip Glazer (muniracer), who lives about 45 minutes away. also, i think he’s a bit beyond me skillwise… :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps if i just ride around everywere in public, someone will ultimately come up and tell me that they ride too. its worth a shot.


well, I dont ride with anyone, but I have heard that if you ride with someone, you will get better really fast. kind of like with Dan Heaton and street unicycling. he would have invented it sooner, but there isnt anyone for him to ride with around his college campus. if there isnt anyone to ride with, you usually dont push yourself as much. and about Muniracer, if he is a bit beyond you skillwise, that is a good thing. ride with him. he will make you push yourself harder, and if you are doing something wrong, or need advice on how to pull something off, he can help you with it. Ideally, you want to ride with someone better than you. That always helps. you will be amazed at how fast you progress. I have learned this from my days of riding BMX. you will push yourself without even knowing it.

yeah i find i ride my best with phil.I ride with alot as he has the same styles as me1trials and 2muni although i do like a bit of flatland or downhill in the case of gliding!:smiley: i can honestly say i would not be half the rider i am today with out phil.before i met phil i thought crank grabs were something only the “pro’s” did.
I met phil through unicyclist

1)who do you ride most with? My Dad
2)do they make you ride better? No, but I make him ride better :stuck_out_tongue:
3)how did you meet? When I was born
4)anything else you want 2 say: I ride best with Simon McAndrew. He is an awesome rider, and pushes me! I wouldnt be able to do half the stuff I can do without him! We dont ride trials the often with eachother, but when we do, it great!
if you don’t ride with anyone put some details someone might look: I only ride with my dad, but if there is anyone from in or around Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK), please pm/email me.


riding around in downtown Grand Rapids, I’ve found 3 or 4 people that can ride a unicycle. One of them might actually be interested in getting into it more…

I first started riding with Scott Wallis (S_Wallis) and Scott Stephens after meeting them on the trail while mountain biking. Then mkuhfahl found me on Bikemojo.com. I later ran into Joe Wilson while he was teaching his daughter to ride on a basketball course. Through Scott, I have met quite a few other riders from another city about 100 miles north of us. They are all more experienced than me and I have learned quite a bit from them

At BUC he pushed me too, but I think that’s just because he’s mean… :stuck_out_tongue:


I ride with some biker guys i met at the skate park their cool and all but they don’t push me that much since they’re impressed with pretty much anything i do

I got no one, so if you live in Nova Scotia, we should ride together.


Re: riding budys

  1. Myself, I never can’t do new things with others around me. Don’t ask why.
  2. I tried to get as much better unicyclist than I am around me. And ask them questions. Frequently given answer was: “just practise” or “yeah, just like that, but then better”.
    So in short: think about how to tackle your mistakes.
    If you make three times the same error; think about how to prevent it.
    Everything you do wrong (no matter what trick) is
    a) strearing
    b) speed
    c) both
    (except for coasting where you cannot control speed).
    So whatever trick you want to learn: the more you think, the less you have to do, unless all you do is thinking, then the result is that you do nothing.
  1. I ride with my younger brother sometimes
    2)No, I make him ride better.
    4)There is another guy in my neighborhood who used to unicycle. I rode with him once for about five minutes. I’ve also met three other unicyclists or ex-unicyclists while just riding around, but as far as I could tell, only one of them still did it at all.

a) I ride with with my mates lewis and ryan, sometimes my girlfriend who has a uni and is learning
b) were all roughly the same level at riding which means we push each other, once ryan has nailed a particualr gap then you have to do it, even if it scares you beacuse you get left behind. and it pushes me to get better than the other by trying new stuff which then pushes them.
c) through school before we could uni though…
d) i know of 5/6 other riders/ppl that can ride in the area aswell, Leighton Buzzard/Linslade in Bedfordshire

  1. I ride with my buddies Frank and Tim mostly, and when my brother (Sockmonstr) is around, I ride with him.

  2. I think my brother and I both make each other ride better. We’ll teach each other our new skills and attempt new ones together. We had our first rockhopping excursion in Bar Harbor, Maine. Got a little analog video of it. I doubt it will ever become digitized.

  3. I met Frank and Tim on campus at UMAINE. Unicyclists like to band together, not like other sports like skateboarding where there’s that competetive macho staredown sometimes. Unicyclists will see you on the street and come running after you “HEY I CAN DO THAT TOO!!”

  4. I got my wife a used Miyata flamingo at a yard sale, but she doesn’t like to ride where people can see her, and now that we live in downtown Bangor, Maine, she doesn’t ride with me at all.

How many Unicyclists have significant others that ride with them?

Re: riding budys

i have about 8 riders in my neighborhood but there are many more around town

yes they do make me ride better, we are always comming up with lines and we challenge eachother

they are just in my neighborhood. we just show up to best freinds house which is in the middle of everybody and we just go riding.

not really.

  1. TheObieOne, ShadowUni, Tim, JVTFM
  2. Absolutely
  3. JVTFM introduced me to ShadowUni, who introduced me to TheObieOne and Tim
  4. Because we all got to know each other, we started SWAT.

I do.

  1. well usually I ride by myself cause the only other kid in town doesnt ride the way I do, he just rides, i enjoy balance and jumping and stuff. But just a week ago , my friend 30 min away just bought a unicycle to very soon we will be riding together
    2)not really, but in some things yes, we try new things
    3)umm, he lives down my street, other guy used to live 2 blocks away
    4)riding with a friend is way better, you can stay out longer bc u wont get bored as fast, or just keep encouraging each other

I’m with my best riding buds now!

Simon and Aaron have came over to mine for the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Pure unicycle fun and stupidity!

Just watch this space for the video! :stuck_out_tongue:

I want to go and meet up with Ben (thinuniking), Phil (again) and TreePotato.
Hopefully I will get the train down some time. Maybe for a unimeet - not this coming one though! :frowning:

Joe, (Simon and Aaron too)

  1. about 5-7 people from my grade, including 1 that is hardcore and 3 that are frequent riders.
  2. yeah
  3. live in same city, we’re all good friends
  4. riding with friends is just… funner