Riding Buddy

As I approached the final section of the hill, my heart racing to it’s max, and my mind wandering on such a fantastic fall day in the high country, a friendly dog came out of nowhwere, and passed me. I got inspired and tryed to catch the “pace” dog. There was no way in hell that I could catch him. He would stop to pee on every road marker, and then pass me again. He became my helper to me to the top of the hill, where I stopped and tryed to get him to go home. A couple of pictures with him later and he headed back in the direction that we had just come from. This was a first for me, a riding buddy, the four legged variety. I have had dogs with me on MUni rides before, but never on a road ride. It was really cool, he stayed on the side of the road the whole time. The ride was one of my weekly fall/winter road rides: 18 mile loop ride with 1500’ feet of climbing and spectacular views. Elk, red tail hawks, coyotes, deer and various other wildlife graced me with their presence. Temperature was around 32F with very little wind today. Ski season is underway, but I still try to get this ride in to cross train. Cheers.

top of hill pic with my buddy

That’s really cool. Neither of my dogs can keep up with me when I’m on a unicycle.

nice…one time when I was running an 8 mile loop, a dog came out of nowhere next to me at the beginning and stayed with me till the end. it was awesome (:

I’m sure the dog loved running next to you, and it most likely made the run allot more enjoyable.


Why are the elk letting you get so close to them?

Our dog is a running maniac. She runs 26 mile with my dad (he runs marathons), but unfortuantly I don’t have a coker to take her on the long runs… She hates it when I ride a 24", because I go too slow.

They want to know where his other wheel went. :stuck_out_tongue:

or why are you going that way? the circus is the OTHER way!:stuck_out_tongue:
(sorry, couldn’t help it)

But i love it when dogs pop outta nowhere and walk with you for a bit. But only if they’re friendly… But yeah. Dogs are cool. The second i move out, i’m getting an australian shepherd or a welsh corgi…

one time my friend was riding a 29er when a dog started chasing him, so he rode as fast as he could but the dog was catching up, so he jumped off the uni and climbed up a tree as fast as he could and stayed there for like fifteen minutes till someone came and got the dog…I wasn’t there, but it sounded funny (:

Cool pics.

Judging by the pics, you’ve got some awesome terrain out your way. I live in Ontario, Canada. The hills around the city I live in make for some fun trails, but they are put to shame by those hills you’ve got.

Do you MUni? It looks ideal for that.

Wow - great pics from what seems like a magical ride! Cool story about the mountain dog.

I’m jealous. Skiing and uni’ing must make a great 2-sport day.

Living in the mountains, one has to be able to possess skills for multi sports; it’s the lifestyle that the Rocky Mountains offer us that keeps us here. We are blessed to live it daily, is it worth it for $5.75/gallon of milk and $2 million for a house? Absolutely! All of us ski bums, (that didnt fade away) from the 70’s, have found a way to stay in these resort towns, raise a family and make a living at the same time. It’s blower.

Yes, we MUni as much as we can. The season in the high country is short, but sweet. Colorado rocks for all outdoor activities.

Right now there are two large herds of elk that hang by these backroads. The food is good there, the sun is good there, and the people around here respect their space and don’t bother them. We are treated to wildlife everday and most people respect that, after all they were here before us.

Yes, even the four legged beings wonder where that other wheel is.

One more pic from the ride.

Incredible, Mike. I remember spending one summer in Aspen, climbing at Golden Butte and Independence Pass and all the rest. The area is awesome in all seasons, as your pics show.

And I’m especially liking the shorts and no sleeves in the snow. Get after it, Mike.


That has to be the best place to live i would love to live there.
What cranks do you have on your uni??
Did i say that is a great place to live?

Can I come live with you? It’s 66 degrees outside right now. =(


awsome -crap word but what ya gonna do-:o
if only english scenery was as awe inspiring

Haha, I like it. I usually skim read anything longer than a line or two but this thread honestly sparked a good bit of interest for me, suddenly I want a Coker and some fitness. so uh, congrats… that looks like a really nice place you have to ride there except maybe too chilly for my liking - it’s mid summer here and I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Cheers. Awesome.