Riding buddy thread or forum?

I just read a neat post where at the end the user asked if there was anyone else in his area to go on rides with… This struck me as a neat idea that doesn’t seemed to be addressed anywhere that I can find…

Can we start a new forum/group for finding riding partners?

Wether it’s for a day through a new area or city, or meeting up every other day at a certian trail, I think it could make things alot more interesting for us that dont coagulate at a skate park or where ever and do street or flat all day with our crew. (not that I am saying theres anything wrong with that)

But like when I come out to Oregon this summer for a few days, it would be neat to meet up with someone from here to show me a nice long bike trail or some tech MUni… Or even to find a local guy/girl to ride on saturdays with.

Who do we talk to? Admin, are you reading this? Mod’s, any hints?

For site related questions or suggestions there is a forum. Just go to the bottom of the forums page and you’ll see it.

As for a meetup forum…

There are a lot of people who start meetup threads in this forum, but I could see putting all of these kind of threads into a “places/events” forum. There could even be sub forums for countries/regions/states/provinces/or other locales.

I don’t know, let’s see what comes up.

Clic on the Map thing right on the top-right of the page! I looked there a few times, but all the riders around my home I know them:p

Never knew that feature was there, although it doesn’t seem to work all that well cause I am not on there… So not everyone is

I think you have to put yourself on the map, it would be cool if everyone would do so:) Maybe there are some more unicyclists around my place and my spots!


I had banged my head on this feature before. You do have to add yourself - and I just did.

How about a thread asking folks to get on the map?!

here goes…

Nice job wit the post to get people to put themselves on the map. It might still be a good thing to have a forum for meetups, but the map is pretty cool.

I just mapped myself.

I think this would be a good feature. I imagine a section where a member could create a folder for their locale and any local announcements or invites could be added to it. In contrast to the announcements page it would serve as a local archive to members and groups in different areas. It would also alleviate the need for creating new RSU threads or dredging up old ones just to give a shout out for a ride.

If only people around me rode. Or Maybe the ones who do ride looked at the forum.
Its so lonely sometimes.

The Australian riders have a thread here:

I don’t know why it ended up in that forum.

If you are in Australia feel free to post a reply.


(Warning - contains a naughty swear at the start)


Ive been asking for a “People Connection” sub forum for years now…

Honestly, I sometimes get fairly irritated that it has not been created yet. It obviously would be a useful feature, and is just plain something this online community needs.

Not sure what the hold up is.