Riding Blind...or at least in the dark

Tonight I rode down my street with only a couple of street lights along the way. I discovered it was an awesome feeling, because I couldn’t see the road and prepare for the dips and bumps. I started “feeling” the road through the seat. It was a whole different experience. Anyone else ever ride in the dark? Do you think it is a dangerous idea? What about feeling the road through the seat…?

I ride in the dark plenty, and I love it too! :slight_smile:

Some really rough paths are too hard though… I’ve come off more than once (I’m talking, farm tracks without ANY lighting on them…) And one of my daily trips (I rotate between a few different ones) Is through an unlit forest with pavement going right through it :sunglasses: THAT ride gets scary sometimes though!


I was kind of surprised to find that riding with eyes closed wasn’t a problem - your body’s sense of the unicycle under you is good enough to cruise right along even with no reference.

Haven’t tried it on rough terrain though!

The first time I tried riding at dusk, it felt similar to driving a car in a white out (snow, which I’ve done only once). Riding the uni in low light made me aware of how much I was using all of my senses for riding. That was a long time ago. This thread will likely inspire me to try it again.

Thanks Everyone!

I have been doing a outdoor bootcamp program at a YMCA from 6 to 7 pm , now when it is over it just getting dark. Sometimes I park about a half mile away and ride my muni on a trail system that is behind the Y and ride right up to the Y. It is a good warmup for the exercise to come. The return ride back to my car is getting darker and darker in those woods. It is a thrill to cruise along those trails in the semi darkness. Will have to get a headlamp soon !

One of my favorite times to practice new stuff, is at night in December when we have our Christmas lights running down the driveway. The ice cold air and dull glow of the lights makes it very surreal.

I just use two cheap bike lights - They’re there for people to see me, not for me to see things :smiley: No point going dark-riding if you’re just gonna light it up!

I love riding in the dark on the quiet streets near my house. And now I love it even more on my 36". Before I learned to ride uni, I used to love riding my bke in the dark, ever since I was a kid. Last week, my son and I took the tandem bke out for a night ride. It’s all good.