Riding Ben Nevis

in 2002 there were some threads on riding Ben Nevis.

Has anyone done it yet?

Has anyone any first hand insight into the rideability of the route, considering a Morris Minor has been to the top?

I was thinking of walking up & riding down in early August…


tim and i did it about a month ago.

http://gallery.unicyclist.com/bennevis is where our photos are at

i suppose it depends how good you are, but after walking up on a hot day we were too tired to bother with the steps and harder parts.
there are also some nice biking tracks nearby we went on, near the downhill biking track.


that looked like fun.
I saw in the literature that in the area around the downhill track, riding wasn’t allowed. was it just at the bottom that you rode? it would be good to be lazy & just ride down from the cable car!

Did I hear that cyclists are allowed on any old paths in Scotland, or am I being wistful?

the cable car wasnt running when we went there, and i dont think the downhil would be particularly fun for a unicycle, as it is a lot of ramps and things which requite fastness.
we rode on another section of black route somewhere near there which was ok, and there was quite a lot of old unused northshore in a wood.
i dont know if your allowed on any old tracks but i dont imagine anyone would complain.

Re: Riding Ben Nevis

mikepenton wrote:
> Did I hear that cyclists are allowed on any old paths in Scotland,

Pretty much. You’re thinking of the Land Reform Act 2003. I haven’t
read the act, but to quote a uk.rec.cycling regular who I would expect
to have read it:

“…under the Land Reform Act 2003 it is explicitly legal to
cycle virtually anywhere in Scotland with only a few exceptions (you
may not cycle in the immediate private lands of a dwelling house, or
through someone else’s tent, or a few other fairly obviously sensible
places) - certainly it is legal to cycle anywhere it is legal to walk.”

Danny Colyer (the UK company has been laughed out of my reply address)
“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” - Thomas Paine

Thanks Danny, that’s very good to know!