RIding Backwards

Ive been tryin to learn how to ride backwards and i make it about 10-20 feet everytime and fall, can i get some tips that will help me learn better

Go down a bit till you find how to ride backwards.

Hope that helps,

Try riding in a wide open space if you haven’t already done that. When you first learn how to ride backwards it is good if you are in an area where you don’t have to worry about hitting things. That’s just my opinion and it worked because now I am comfortable riding backwards and can ride in confined areas.

I’m still practising as well

yous a wall and yous it to give you an extera boost and keep practice ing

i didnt find that using a wall helped very much i just rode slowly then just stalled lent back and just pedalled it took a while to get how much i needed to lean back right but after tht i just kep trying and went further and further, just like learning to ride forwards