Riding Backwards

ive recently decided that i want to learn to ride backward. is there a trick to it or is it more or less like learning to ride all over again. the way ive been going about it is the same way i learned to ride. rind a railing and lean back and pedal backwards and let go of the rail and try to go for it on my own.

if anyone has anytips that woudl make this easier criticism is quite welcome.


I think it’s pretty much like learning how to ride again. I learned while I was teaching a friend to ride. We alternated. I freemounted and just started to go backwards. Same as learning. I would go a pedal rev and fall. Then two. Then five.

You know the drill. All the basics still apply. Weight on the seat. Look forward. Weight on the seat. Don’t look at the tire. Weight on the seat. Smooth pedal strokes. Weight on the seat. Ride until you fall, don’t chicken out. Weight on the seat. Did I say weight on the seat.?

ok ill go try that tommorow…btw should i keep my wieght on the seat?

Just like to say good luck. I’ve been trying (VERY half-heartedly, it has to be admitted) to ride backwards, and it certainly FEELS like learning to ride all over again. It’s that dead point just like I remember!

If I can learn how to do it at BUC I’ll be well chuffed!

BTW - glad to see you’re unicycling for a good reason.

i think it helps to ride forwards and spin off of something (once you get where you can ride 5 or so pedals backwards). and go backwards as far as you can then just ride forwards… or if you can hop-180 then do that and go backwards until you fall off :slight_smile:

Make sure you wear a helmet! The only time I’ve hit my helmet hard when unicycling is when learning to ride backwards.

i rolling hopped a two stair backwards today

Up or down?

I learned by going forward, doing an idle, going half a rev back, and then forward again. when I got better at that i went a full rev. ect.


same for me…
this way works fine…

Yeah, if you are strong at idling(or at least pretty good), it helps. It’s very much like learning to ride all over again, it just takes some time and practice. It is an extremely valuable skill, so make sure you learn it well.

for some reason I could just ride backwards as soon as I started

I’ve been learning to idle and ride backwards. I think both skills help each other. I only get access to the gym to do it in once a week though and it’s taken months.


basically what every body else said but i would do it in some thin grass and when you fall dont try and catch the seat let it fall its worse for your jewls that way

back wards riding is fun but some times i get out of control and go way to fast

other than that dont give in wear a helmet and go for it

When riding backwards don’t be afraid to twist to correct yourself…
I remember when I was learning I would ride all snakey but this just helps you go further without falling… the straightness will come later.