Riding backwards

For some reason, I find it more difficult to ride backwards then
forwards. I notice that I seem to speed up as I pedal backwards.

Any tips?

Lean back to get started, and then concentrate on leaning forward (which will get you more straight up in the saddle). I call this “settling” and I still say “settle” to myself to this day - otherwise sometimes I’ll forget and go too fast.

Gee, backwards harder that forwards? What a kooky world we live in…

lol, sorry…

But, yeah, I used to do that, too. Finally, I kinda started over in my head. Sorta teaching myself how to ride again, just backwards. I still usually end up going faster than I want to, but I just have to remind myself, “You have complete control over the wheel. Keep your body weight centered”

If your body weight is centered and balanced, you won’t accelerate.