riding backwards

how should i learn to ride backwards without my mom having to help me whenever i want to try it? :thinking:


more backwards tips than you can shake a stick at


Do it when she’s not around.


(Hold onto a wall)

www.unicycle.2ya.com has some tips.


Geez, Andrew, you’re just plugging your site wherever you see an opportunity! :slight_smile:

Soo, to learn to ride backwards, use methods you used to learn to ride forwards. Get another unicyclist to help, or use a wall, or a big stick to balance with…

I was just thinking that. :slight_smile: That’s what it’s there for though isn’t it.


andrew, keep plugging away! im sure your site has helped a lot of people so far, i know its helped me. ill start plugging it too once i can memorize “www.unicycle.2ya.com”. o wait it appears i have memorized it :slight_smile:


help with backward riding

Don’t ride backwards. It’s dangerous. :astonished: You can’t see very well in that direction, and it’s inefficient. Go forwards instead.:wink:

it’s just the opposite of forwards

ok, im about to give you the step-by-step method of going backwards, so you can learn so quick, your mom won’t even know what hit her. ready?

1.mount unicycle
2.begin to pedal backwards
4.continue to pedal backwards

just do exactly what i said, and you’ll be going backwards in no time!

Re: riding backwards

if u can get hold of a shopping trolley, they make wonderfull moving supports for practising backwards
they never get tired
they never try n tell u how to do it
and they never tell u to go put on a jersey
if it feels a bit unstable, as if it’s going to tip over onto u if u put too much weight on the handle, just put something heavy in the trolley itself
and remember to relax your hips

I’d forgotten about that…I agree, they’re very handy. I can only coast aobut 6m at the very best but can coast about 20m when assisted by a shopping trolley…which is really fun.