Riding Backwards

I figured I should learn to ride backwards finally but I’m having a really hard time. Am I right that you do it the same way you learned to ride forwards?

For riding backwards, just go next to a wall (or anything else that can help you) and try to do a stable backwards riding, once you’ve learnt it, leave the wall and try to continue… It needs practice and patience. I learnt it with a lot of practice, but not in a long priod. Just keep at it… Your weight should be in the back and try to go somewhere flat to practice.

I hope i helped, good luck!

Pick something on the ground in front of you to focus your eyes on - and change to something new when the first one gets too far away. Don’t just watch the blur of pavement under you.

See http://www.unicycletips.com/freetips.htm#backwards

This was a very valuable tip for me.
Helped a lot.
Thank you.

it took me several practice to ride backwards, remeber to learn with your both hands open, no hands on the handle, it helped me a lot.

I practice and was getting nowhere fast; then I learned to idle.
Presto changeo!

shouldn’t you be looking over your shoulder when riding backwards?

I find that 23.7 times harder.

I learned to ride backwards at the same time I learned to idle. They’re very related skills. 4-5hrs of concentrated practise should do it.

Nope - it’s way harder that way. Just make sure you’re in a clear area and don’t try to look backwards.

I look over my shoulder when I ride backwards.

I learnt to ride backwards as a natural progression from idling. It just felt right to move backwards sometimes.

i had been trying to ride backwards for like a month then i gave up,then last week i learnt to idle and i thought i would give going backwards another go and i got 20 metres first go.i practiced a little more now i can go as far as i want.