Riding Backwards is like learning to ride all over again.

I just learned how to ride backwards. I was just idling and then instead of rocking forward I just kept pedaling backwards. I got about two revolutions in before I dismounted. Each time I tried it again I got a little bit farther. I got the same wonderful feeling of accomplishment that I got when I first learned to ride forwards. It’s like learning to ride a unicycle all over again. Things just clicked, I didn’t have to give much thought into reversing all of my actions. I do feel that riding backwards is the step after learning to idle. Has anyone else experience what I did?

Backwards is tough. I haven’t really practiced all that much. I can go a few hundred feet. It’s harder to get as good as forwards I think because you can’t really see where you are going. No cruising the block backwards.

Not much else to say about backwards. Useful to know. Not as fun as riding one footed around. :slight_smile:

Learning to wheel walk is like learning to ride all over again. :slight_smile:

After learning to idle, backwards riding and one foot riding are pretty much the next steps. Being able to ride backwards at least a few revolutions is a handy skill, especially unicycle games like hockey. One foot riding is good to learn because it helps you learn to balance better and pedal in circles.

I’m agreeing that WW is about as hard as learning to ride all over again as it gets. After that you can branch off into coasting and stuff but learning to do it is just soo difficult. I myself am struggling with it now.

Yes, I do remember learning, as it was only a couple months ago. I did a 100’ backwards ride and once again knew the exultory joy that I had felt after my first real unicycle ride forwards. :smiley: Today may son was showing me how he could wheel walk a bit on his hands while laying on the seat with his stomach, and then said “I wish I could learn how to ride a unicycle again.” I knew just how he felt!

I suck at riding backwards right now. I can do it, just not well. I want to be able to ride backward around the block by the end of next month. It really is like learning to ride all over again. I still can’t wheel walk more than the occasional 10 feet either. So many things to learn…