Riding at night

Some riding in the summer night.
Sorry for the bad sound.

Nice stuff! Sorta got a nifty casual style there.


Oh really is the video is so good! Well I haven’t gone through the videos. But I would love to watch some of the videos portraying some exclusive rides done on the summer night. Next month I am planning to ride during the night…looking at those videos i would get some sort of help.I guess. It will be grateful if you post some of the useful links.

Good job on the crank flips off the pallets. I liked the longer line that you did near the beginning too.

For some reason, the spam bots really love your video.

I really like to do the lines, it’s more fun. Yes, really got spammed :frowning:

nice video, what kind of camera did you use?

Thanks, the camera we used is a samsung HD camcorder HMX-U20. It films full HD and we bought it for 50 euro so really cheap :slight_smile: I think there are still some nice deals on the internet.

This video was filmed in the afternoon, quality is much better with more light.