Riding at night and the unseen...

Well, nearly every night I grab my 29er and take my dogs out for their nightly run. But last night was a bit different, I have not ridden my 36er but once or twice in the last few months so I figured it was time to blow off the dust and off I went rolling through the hood on the lighted streets and then decided since I knew the bike trail it would be no problem riding the curvy trail in the dark…Well, I was wrong, sort of. I was feeling good picking up speed loving the little curves right up to the point that I hooked a turn to exit the bike trail and hit a patch of mud on the paved trail from all the rain we have had and the easiest way to say it is unicycles and sliding sideways like your on a speedway don’t go together, as I spun around some how the back of my thigh got strangely caught by my T-7 handle and left me with a crazy cut and blue swollen thigh. Cant figure out how the handle bar got the back of my leg but I guess it could have been worse so beware of the unseen when riding at night.

Picture of the wound or it didn’t happen!

Ouch. It sounds like you had quite an adventure. I just came in from a quick ride though between the moon and the snow covered ground it was surprisingly bright on the open trail.

LOL - funny. The wound, probably not so much.