Riding at MIT

A few weeks ago some of my friends from the CS club and I went to MIT for a fleamarket. Cheap computer stuff. Awesomeness. Anyways, after we went to the student pizza place, and I was feeling intimidated by all these wicked Smart people around, so I busted out my trials uni… Nothing uber fancy, just me riding and jumping up their stairs and such. Good times. You Tube!

Anyone know if MIT still has a unicycle club?

I liked the falls at the end Heh…

I go to the Computerfest in Toronto every couple years, last thing I bought there was a Radeon 9600 Pro :slight_smile:

You totally should have let me know you were in town. I would have stopped by to ride for a little while, I’m within walking distance of MIT.

I keep forgetting yer in Boston now! I’ll let you know before the next flea market (April I think)… it’s great, cheap stuff etc… My friend Chad got 2 160G harddrives for $50 :smiley: And there was a guy on a segway…

MIT has a club that juggles but they also unicycle

Hey now, that’s my girlfriend on your shirt, you lookin for a fight? haha, jk.